There are some things in life we can’t always anticipate. A tree falls on your house. You back your car out without opening the garage door. You crash your boat into the dock.

Knowing your insurance policies becomes quite important in times like these. And having someone you know and trust to represent your case becomes key.

And in trying to navigate your insurance, you’ll need to know the difference between choosing a public adjuster or an insurance adjuster. Doing so will help to get you the assistance you need.

Here, we share six things you should know about choosing to work with an insurance adjuster or hire on a public adjuster.

1) Insurance adjusters work with your insurance company.

Adjusters who work on behalf of an insurance company may be company adjusters or independent contractors.

Company insurance adjusters are hired by and work directly with the insurance company. Their role is to evaluate claims that you, the policyholder, fill out, according to an article from ValuePenguin.

Independent contractors work similarly. However, they act more as consultants rather than direct employees, says ValuePenguin.

Working with someone directly tied to your insurance company gives them a unique perspective. They need to balance both your needs as a policyholder as well as the insurance company’s needs as a business.

2) Public adjusters work directly with you.

With a public adjuster, there’s no middle party or insurance company in the mix. Rather, Kerr says that you pay the public adjuster who works directly with you.

These public adjusters may work totally on their own or be a part of a larger public adjusting firm, adds Kerr. Their flexibility allows them to offer their services at different rates than what the insurance company may be offering.

3) Public adjusters may help you redeem your full claim benefits.

Especially in cases with large damages, you want to be sure you’re getting your full benefits through your insurance policy. Sometimes, using your insurance company’s adjuster may not always be in your best interest.

According to an article from The Balance, there are four main reasons a policyholder may choose to hire a public adjuster:

One, they can be beneficial in cases with large losses. They can also be helpful in which you feel the insurance company isn’t communicating well.

Third, when you disagree with the insurance adjuster and believe that your claim wasn’t assessed properly. Finally, a public adjuster helps save you time and effort in reviewing the claim yourself.

4) Public adjusters work from a different approach.

When you work with an insurance adjuster, he or she is someone trained by the insurance company and has the company’s perspective. While their goal is to settle your claim fairly, they also keep their insurance company in mind when making decisions.

A public adjuster takes a different approach. According to Bellator Claims, a public insurance adjuster in Colorado, the public insurance adjuster’s objective is to get you the best settlement.

They also don’t charge upfront fees and get paid only once they reach a settlement.

5) Public adjusters dig deep.

While an insurance company deals with thousands of clients at one time, a public adjuster can be more focused on your specific case. They have the experience and drive to find you those benefits that you may have initially overlooked.

They take on a more individualized approach. And because of this, public adjusters are also known for being able to deliver faster results.

6) A public adjuster isn’t always necessary.

While the benefits that a public adjuster brings may sound like the right way to go, it’s not always necessary. Working with your insurance adjuster should be your first choice.

If you want a public adjuster because your insurance company isn’t communicating well, ask questions yourself. It’s the insurance company’s goal to settle claims fairly, notes The Balance. After all, that’s why you have insurance in the first place.

Asking questions on the situation can help settle miscommunication that’s frustrating you.

Ask the important questions of your situation.

When disaster strikes, you want to be confident that you will be well taken care of in your insurance benefits. While both insurance adjusters and public adjusters seek to provide that care, each has a different approach.

When deciding if you need to hire a public adjuster, there are certain questions you need to ask, as stated in these five points. These questions include:

  • Do you want a representative who works directly with you?
  • Do you feel you may be missing out on important benefits?
  • Does your case need to take a different approach and to dig deeper than the insurance adjuster?
  • Is a public adjuster actually necessary?

Before hiring on another adjuster in the mix, be sure to ask yourself the important questions to receive the benefits you deserve.

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