Large mirrors can be beautiful and create the illusion of a room that is much bigger than it really is. Transporting these can be tough though, according to Flat Fee Movers Bradenton, seasoned movers in Bradenton. The last thing you want is a scuffed, cracked, or shattered mirror arriving at your home after a move.


What happens if I don’t properly pack my mirror?

As mentioned before mirrors can easily crack and break under even the slightest nudge or pressure. Frames, which range from simple to ornate, can get scuffed and chipped. Other large valuables, like pieces of artwork and vases, can also get damaged in a similar manner.


What materials do I need?

Before you can start packing you’re going to need to necessary materials. This includes a mirror box, thick packing paper, piece of cardboard, bubble wrap, and moving blankets.

You’ll also need something to bind it together like packing tape or painter’s tape.


What is a mirror box?

This is a tough box made up of four pieces of cardboard that interlock together. Home improvement and truck rental stores often have them or you can create your own by cutting up several large pieces of cardboard into the proper formation.


Do I need to set an area aside to pack it?

Yes, having the right area to pack can make or break your mirror. Using a large table, such as the one in your dining room, cover it with the moving blanket.

In the center of the blanket, lay a stack of moving paper to use as a base to wrap your mirror and the rest of your valuables.


Does the “X” trick with tape work?

While it won’t stop your mirror from breaking per se, it can stop it from shooting out jagged pieces in case it does. Alternatively, you can run tape both horizontally and vertically in a grid to increase the area of protection.


Okay the area to pack is set aside and I’ve taped it all up, what next?

You’re ready to actually start packing. Go ahead and cut a piece of tough cardboard the length of the mirror and tape it to the front.

Place the mirror into the bundle of packing paper and then wrap it up as if you were wrapping a present.


What about the bubble wrap?

After the cardboard and packing paper, go ahead and run the bubble wrap around. From here, place the mirror into a packing box and adjust it to snuggly fit the frame. If needed, you can add more bubble wrap to pad it out so it fits closely.


I got one section of the box on, what about the other?

Mirror boxes typically come in two pieces and it’s important you fit together the second half from the top-down, meeting the halves in the middle.

Use a liberal amount of bubble wrap and packing tape to make sure they are tightly fit together to the mirror.


Am I ready to move it?

Before you do, make sure there is no shifting inside of the package. If there is, go ahead and add more packing material.

Make sure you label the package with proper handling instructions (like FRAGILE) so people know to be extra careful with that box.


Can I apply this method to other flat and fragile items?

Sure can. This same method can be used for pictures and other pieces of artwork.

As before, make sure you use plenty of packing paper, bubble wrap, and tape so it fits snuggly in the box. Any movement leaves you open for potential hard shifting, which can damage the picture.


Do you have any tips for protecting my other breakable items?

Make sure the container you are using isn’t too big, try to crate each item in as many boxes as possible to cut back on weight. When wrapping, use paper first and then the bubble wrap. Avoid newspaper as it can transfer ink.


Should I hire a moving company?

Hiring a moving company can be beneficial as long as you do it for the right reasons.

If you’re moving across the country or have a lot of heavy items then you’re going to want to consider it. While it costs money, a moving company can save you time and sweat.


What should I look out for when hiring a moving company?

While it’s old fashioned, word-of-mouth can go a long way. You can also use online tools like Google, Yelp, or other reviewing sites to see what people are saying about local companies. Make sure the company you pick provides a high degree of liability for your belongings.


Is there anything else I need to know?

Packing a mirror is much like packing other fragile items. Use plenty of wrapping material, make sure it is snuggly fit, and get it properly labeled and you should be okay. Make sure to have a dedicated open area to wrap everything as well.


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