Where any legal issues are concerned, there is a lot of room for confusion and miscommunication. If you are the one in the middle of it, it can be even more complicated to figure out what’s going on. Divorces can be complex too. This is because there are so many little details to keep track of. You may not know all of the rules and guidelines, which is okay. For now, we’re going to take a look at uncontested divorces and their reversibility.

What is an uncontested divorce?

Before we get started, we should really take a look at what this type of divorce means. According to Legal Zoom, uncontested divorces occur where disagreements are resolved by the parties. This is done outside of court.

In this particular type of divorce, fights and arguments are discussed on the divorcing parties’ own terms. This might involve marriage counseling or a mediator. It’s important to remember that, in an uncontested divorce, the court does not have to contest the issues. This also means that both parties are agreeing to the divorce and its terms.

Sometimes people don’t even use attorneys for uncontested divorces.

How does this differ from a contested divorce?

Some divorces require additional assistance, depending on the basis of the divorce. If there are a lot of issues within a marriage, and they can’t be settled peacefully, the problems are then brought to court. In court, these issues are resolved effectively and fairly.

Additionally, contested divorces may not always be perfectly agreed upon by the divorcing parties. The whole process takes longer than an uncontested divorce does and costs more too. This is sometimes necessary though, depending on what’s going on.

What should you consider before reversing a divorce?

A whole divorce cannot be reversed, but changes can be made. There are a few things that one should think about before going forward with the process. According to Livestrong, it’s important to speak with an attorney as soon as you decide to reverse it. They can tell you if your divorce is eligible to be reversed or altered.

Two major factors can influence your eligibility:

  • Where you are in the divorce process
  • What your state allows as far as divorce reversal

Sitting down with a legal professional can be beneficial during this time. They will be able to look at your specific situation and see what steps should be taken. They should be willing to lay out a game plan for you as well.

Can uncontested divorces be reversed?

Divorces cannot generally be reversed after that the judge has already signed off and finalized everything. There are changes that can be made within the agreement itself. This may be a way to cut back on some of the issues surrounding the divorce.

If it was an uncontested divorce, it will be easier for the parties to come together and agree on what needs to be changed.

It’s important to get a legal professional involved as soon as possible so that they can walk you through it all. They will be helpful in answering questions and giving support.

When could a divorce possibly be reversed?

According to Express Documents and Mediation, who offers clients an uncontested divorce in Oklahoma, there are a couple of reasons that a divorce might be able to be reversed.

Some divorces or their decrees can usually be reversed if one party’s signature was forced by the other party. Any sort of fraud is usually considered and worked with.

Another potential reason that a divorce could be reversed is if one individual is not following the orders for a specific item. Within the court, that item can be divided legally to avoid further complications.

Some individuals end up going to court and asking to have their cases considered for reversal. This may or may not work out, based on some of the details of the divorce and the location.

What changes can be made in the divorce without actually reversing it?

Some divorces just don’t turn out how they are expected to. They can have their positives and negatives, just as any decision can. When people decide to change the terms, things get complicated. It’s best to take this to court.

One of the biggest reasons that divorce agreements might need to be changed is if kids are involved. If something just isn’t working out between the parents and their custody agreement, the court can help. This usually has to do with unforeseen circumstances.

In court, the two parties can work together to come up solutions to the problem. This is a lot easier if the divorce was uncontested.

Overall, divorces of any kind cannot really be reversed. Some changes can definitely be made if circumstances have changed. Speaking with a professional in your particular area will give you the best information. They will have plenty of experience and knowledge of the guidelines in your state.

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