Are Fitted Wardrobes Old Fashioned?

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Are Fitted Wardrobes Old Fashioned

There are basically two types of wardrobes. There is the long-standing traditional fitted wardrobe, also known as a built-in wardrobe, and the more recent freestanding wardrobe, also known as a standalone wardrobe. The question is: are fitted wardrobes still fashionable? I am no longer surprised when I hear someone say that fitted wardrobes are old-fashioned. Quite a few people think so. This is because standing wardrobes seem to be trendy, and many house owners do not update their fitted wardrobe, thereby making such wardrobes look ancient. However, there are many reasons why fitted wardrobes are still fashionable and a good choice for many homes, as James Kilner Fitted Wardrobes & Bedrooms, which makes fitted wardrobes in Sheffield, has explained.

Reasons Why Fitted Wardrobes Are Still Fashionable

The first question here is, what is fashion? We can see fashion in two ways. The first view sees fashion as a trend that is constantly changing, favoring frivolities and neglecting logical, practical reason. The second view sees fashion as a changing trend that meets all of one’s needs. With regards to the second view, fitted wardrobes are more fashionable than their counterpart, the freestanding wardrobe. They provide and meet a wide variety of needs. These we shall consider as follows:

Provides Efficient Storage Space

One of the primary goals of wardrobes is to provide maximum storage space. After all, what is the point of a wardrobe that occupies space yet doesn’t provide maximum storage capacity? It just stands there! With a fitted wardrobe, every bit of space is used for storage. Even if it is an attic room with a sloping roof, a fitted wardrobe can be made for it. Finding a freestanding wardrobe that is suitable for attic rooms is a difficult challenge. When you get one, carrying it upstairs is another exhausting hurdle to overcome.

Availability of Modern Styles and Designs

Because some built-in wardrobes have ancient-looking designs, some people are tempted to rip them out thinking they are old fashioned. Before you pull down your fitted wardrobe, consider the fact there are contemporary styles and designs to choose from.

The antique look of your fitted wardrobe shouldn’t persuade you to go for less; simply update it. These days, you could go for glass sliding doors, which maximize the space required to open them, perform the dual functions of a full length mirror, and give the room more lighting and a bigger appearance through its light reflection. There are so many updates to choose from.

Customised to Suit Your Lifestyle

Freestanding wardrobes are often ready-made. This means you cannot make any changes to its configuration nor customize it to suit your specific needs. You simply have to choose the one closest to being able to satisfy your needs. With fitted wardrobes you can design practically everything to fit your fashion taste. Do you have more shoes than clothes? Do you have more jewelry than bags? All these and any other considerations would be incorporated the design and construction of your fitted wardrobe. Isn’t that much more fashionable?

Efficient, Energy-Saving Lighting

You will agree with me that freestanding wardrobes cannot offer much when it comes to lighting. They often depend on external light from the room to achieve illumination. Imagine dark, dull mornings when you are probably rushing off to somewhere only to be delayed a little by having to search through drawers and shelves in a dimly lit freestanding wardrobe. With a fitted wardrobe, you can decide to add in LED lights that automatically turn off whenever you open a wardrobe, drawer or shelf. This way, you maximize energy usage.

Future-Proof Options Are Also Available

It is a known fact that fitted wardrobes are long-term investments. They add immense value to your homes. Hence, there are options to choose from that allow these wardrobes continue to look fresh and up-to-date. In the construction or remodeling of your fitted wardrobe, ensure you discuss with construction companies how to explore and choose from the latest future-proof options. These include the materials to be used, the types of available up-to-date designs, choice of color, etc. Ensure whatever choice you make, it will always look great even in a decade to come.


The question of whether a fitted wardrobe is old fashioned or not is irrelevant in the choice of a wardrobe. The fact that freestanding wardrobes seem trendy doesn’t mean fitted wardrobes are not also trendy. All you need to do is to choose from a wide variety of the latest, trendy styles which are readily available. You don’t have to forgo all the advantages of your fitted wardrobe because it seems old fashioned; simply update it!

The following, as we have discussed above, are the reasons why a fitted wardrobe cannot be regarded as old-fashioned. These are:

  • Provides Efficient Storage
  • Availability of Modern Styles and Designs
  • Customized to Suit Your Lifestyle
  • Efficient, Energy-Saving Lighting
  • Future-Proof Options Are Also Available

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