Are you planning on getting your car detailed soon? You may want to know what all goes into having your car detailed. After all, it does cost a little bit of money to have it done. It can be worth every penny if done right, though! Let’s go over all the things that are included when getting your vehicle detailed.

Finding The Right Place.

Finding a good auto detailer can be a bit tricky. You can find that the best places to get your vehicle detailed is by the local “no shop” detailers. These are the people that will have a place to do their detailing on a vacant lot with permission. It helps your community by getting the detailing done locally.

Here are some tips on finding a good auto detailer below:

  • Going to a different city or town is not recommended. You will normally get a better rate and a better job done by going local.
  • Taking your vehicle to just anyone is not a great idea either. A reputable auto detailer that is known as safe and reliable is great.
  • Most people are using Facebook to post pictures of their work. This is a reliable source. You can see reviews and information about what they offer. You will still have to call for a price most of the time. All in all, you can see what people think of the business.

What Does Auto Detailing Include?

According to Pro Reconditioning, a Frisco auto detailing specialist, there is so much that goes into auto detailing. Once you are finished reading all the work that goes into providing a nicely detailed vehicle, you will appreciate the price. Now there are different packages that you can buy when it comes to getting your vehicle detailed. Let’s go over some of the basics.

Cleaning The Interior.

This is the most basic of the basic when it comes to getting your car or truck detailed. Don’t count it out right away though. It is much more than just getting your dash wiped down with a cleaner and shine and the floor vacuumed. This can consist of many other things. Check out the list below of some of the different things can be included in cleaning the interior.

Some of the things included in cleaning the interior:

  • Vacuuming the seats and floor.
  • Wiping down the doors and dash.
  • Cleaning the windows.
  • Removing spots or stains.
  • Shampooing the floor and seats.
  • Gently cleaning the headliner without damage.

Cleaning The Outside.

A typical wash is included in detailing the car. People often do not think about the outside of the vehicle when it comes to auto detailing, but it includes the outside and inside. It is like a complete makeover for your car. Some choose to get this done on a regular. Let’s take a look at the exterior cleaning.

Exterior cleaning features and aspects:

  • A regular washing.
  • A wax.
  • Cleaning and shining the rims.
  • Shining the tires.
  • Cleaning the undercarriage.
  • -This can restore the headlights to a clean and clear lens.
  • Possible Sealants for the rims.
  • Cleaning and restoring the trim on the exterior.

The Engine Area.

Most would not think that cleaning the engine bay would be associated with vehicle detailing, but you can certainly get this included in the deal if you would like. After all, protecting and keeping the vehicle in good shape is the whole purpose of detailing a vehicle.

Is It Really Worth The Price?

It comes down to this final question. Should you really pay the price to get your vehicle detailed? I would say that it is not a necessity, but it definitely makes your life much better. It can also extend the body of your vehicle. In some states, the salt on the roads can eat away at your vehicle. Getting it removed at a reasonable rate is crucial.

Should You DIY?

Auto detailing can be exhausting. If you plan on detailing the vehicle yourself you will need to purchase a lot of tools and cleaning to be able to do so. A company will already have all these things. You will not be saving money by doing it yourself for the first several times. In the long run, you may. In the long run…

It is exhausting! If you do decide to do it yourself you can count on having your work cut out for you. I must say that it will be cut out too. The bright side is that it may get you in shape if you plan to do it as a workout routine.


I hope that all this information helps you decided on what you may be looking for when it comes to having your vehicle detailed. Auto detailing can make your vehicle look brand new! If you are interested in more information you can check out this youtube video in the link.

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