So, you have a website, but need to bring in traffic. The best way to do that is to promote it. The question is how? That brought us to this question. Can you promote your own website using Craigslist? Well, let’s go over a few things and see.

Is It Possible To Promote Your Website on Craigslist?

Yes. That is the short answer of course. I do not want to just leave you with that though. There is much more to the answer. Plus, a few tips that you must read! It does not require much effort and before you go thinking about your budget, it is free.

How Does Craigslist Work?

Craigslist specializes in posting local ads to local people. When you go to www.craigslist.com  you will see a list of states to choose from if you are in the United States. After that, it will show a list of cities. You then click on which city you want to make the posting in. People who are looking to buy can then see an ad and if it strikes interest click.

In these ads, you can put links to your website page. Of course, it has to be your ad listing. It is good to make several of them for different areas.

A Little Bit of Information About Craigslist.

Craigslist has is available in 50 different countries and serves more than 550 cities. That is a lot of places with a lot of people. Not only does it have places for people to buy and sell things, it has forums that people go to talk about things. Be careful in that section though.

Craigslist is on the list of the top visited a website in the United States today. What better place to go and promote your website. And all for the price of what? That’s right, it is free. I know this sounds like a promotion, but it is not meant to be. I just believe that you can promote your website effectively on Craigslist and it does not cost a penny.

How Do I Promote My Website on Craigslist?

As I learned from one of my local web design companies in Tulsa, Tulsa Marketing, there are a few simple ways to promote your website on Craigslist. The first is to go to the forum and make a couple posts about how and why to visit your website. This should definitely include hyperlinks to your website. This is just one way. The next is below.

Make A Craigslist Page.

You go about this by making a listing. The listing should include rich content to attract someone to open the listing. Maybe even some pictures. Pictures always help. The more that you can put on the page to attract people to click, they will come.

Tip: Do make sure that the page that you are wanting to create to promote your website has a link directly to your website. This is important. By having the link directly on your Craigslist page to your website, it makes it simple for people to go straight to your page. They will be more likely to visit with a simple click.

Make the Page Relevant

One key thing that you should do when making a Craigslist page to promote your website is to stay relevant. People tend to get mad when they feel they have been tricked. You do not want to do that. The best thing that you can do to promote your website with a Craigslist page is to stay relevant. If your website is about shoes, make a page listing about shoes.

Keywords are important. This is what will be decided when people search the search bar if your listing gets pulled up. This is another reason why relevance is really important. You want to bring in people who are truly interested in what may going on at your website. That way they will visit again and be sure to share with family or friends. 

Keep A Track Of Your Traffic.

There are certain apps that you can get from your website that show what has been going. It shows your traffic really. How many people that have come to your web page and how many people that are on it right now. These are great to have.

You can monitor a change with one of the trackers on your webpage. It will show you if there has been any change. Do make sure to give your Craigslist listing some time before you opt out completely. If you see an influx, great. It has been some time, spice up the page with some keywords and advertisement for your page.

You can find more information at www.entrepreneur.com  for more information on Craigslist and promote websites.

Before You Go.

I hope that you are able to build your website effectively through Craigslist. It truly is a great platform to try and boost that website traffic and promote.

You can find some more info at this youtube link.

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