Healthy eyelashes can be important to helping your eyes be strong and last you through the years. You want to make sure that your eyelashes are going to be in good health. Many people will choose to work with Latisse in order to grow out their eyelashes and make them fuller and lusher at the same time. But if you wear eyelash extensions, you may wonder whether you are able to use Latisse with them or not.

Flawless Faces Med Spa, a medical spa in Chandler, Arizona, advises that you can use Latisse with your eyelash extensions. Artificial eyelashes can come in a lot of different varieties based on how you would like to use them. You will be able to use Latisse with them as long as you are wearing a type of removable eyelash. These do not have any of the eyelash glue that can cause some issues when your eyelashes are trying to grow. Talk to your doctor if you are concerned about how your eyelash extensions will work with Latisse.

Long and strong eyelashes are going to be important when it comes to having a healthy and youthful-looking appearance. And Latisse is going to help you to grow out those eyelashes and make them look as good as new. Let’s take a closer look at how you can use Latisse with your eyelash extensions.

Is Latisse safe to use with eyelash extensions?

Yes, it is safe to use Latisse with lash extensions if you choose. Latisse is a product that can be useful when you would like to grow your eyelashes. There are a lot of patients who believe that you should not combine the product with your lash extension, though. But you will find that Latisse will be just as effective whether you have the lash extensions present or not.

The active ingredient that is found in this product, called bimatoprost, is going to work by lengthening the growth phase of the hair cycle of the eyelash, increasing how many hairs are able to grow during that phase. This process is going to be independent of the length of your natural lashes in the first place or even the presence of your extensions. This allows you to get the fuller eyelashes that you want, regardless of whether there are extensions present or not.

Still, there are some lash artists that will caution you against using Latisse because they think that it can cause the lashes to get brittle and break off at the base. There is no evidence for this claim, though. Latisse is going to be effective at giving you thicker lashes, and it is unlikely that your doctor is going to be worried about the extensions being there.

How do I use Lattisse?

Lattise is used as a growth serum for your eyelashes, and you will need to apply it once at night, near the base of the lashes. It is recommended that you take the time to remove makeup that may be near the eyes and wash your face before the application to ensure that there is nothing left that will cause a problem. You can take the applicator out of the trial and then follow some of the instructions on the package.

Be aware of some of the side effects that come with Latisse before you put them on. The main issue is irritation if the user does not put it on correctly. You may notice swelling of the eyes, itching, and redness if you use it the wrong way. If you notice this often, then it is time to stop using the product and talk to your doctor.

How much Latisse should I use?

You do not need to use much of the product to get some amazing results. Usually, one drop will be enough to cover both eyes. You should use one brush to apply the solution to both eyes unless you have an infection in one eye; then, use a separate brush to make sure that you do not spread the infection to the other eye. The solution is very concentrated for your eyes, so do not use more than one drop.

Your doctor will work with you to pick the right concentration for your eyes. Latisse can be very effective in improving the appearance of the lashes, but you should remember that it is still a medication to help. Use it as directed by your doctor for the best results.

Choosing Latisse

Many people choose to add eyelash extenders to help make sure that their eyes are youthful and radiant. But dealing with some of the irritation that comes with the eyelash extensions and having to worry about them each day can be a challenge. When you choose to work with Latisse, you can help your eyelashes grow and become stronger than before.

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