Air filters aren’t terribly costly on their own but can add up if you need to replace them frequently. Especially if you have a larger filter that has to filter out a bigger space. You could go through air filters left and right if you are keeping track of them. That’s where washable furnace filters come in. It can be a cost-effective way to trim down that cost, explains a business that handles HVAC repair in Spring, properly named, Superior HVAC Repairs Spring.

So, are electrostatic washable air filters worth it?It depends on the brand you buy and your furnace. They also can’t compare to an anti-allergen filter but can do a good enough job compared to a general filter.

Plus you just need to wash them off monthly with a hose instead of buying a brand new filter every time. So, it works but may not work well.

Don’t think we are taking a negative turn on these filters. They are a great idea and can save you money by not needing to buy new ones every time. Plus cleaning them is quick and easy. So, there are benefits to owning a washable filter. Read on to learn the pros and cons of having these washable furnace filters. 


What Are The Pros?  

You won’t need to buy a new one every time you change your filter. This is a big positive of owning a washable filter simply because you can wash and reuse it. These filters also can last longer than typical filters, so you’ll make your money back on it within the year. It will save you the hassle and money of having to go to the store every few months to buy a new filter. 

It’s easy to clean. You simply pop the filter out of your furnace and wash it down with a hose. Once it’s dry you can put it back in the furnace and it should work as good as new. You have to repeat this process monthly, but it shouldn’t take you longer than 10-15 minutes. Plus, you don’t have to make another run to the store and spend more money. 

It isn’t expensive in the long term. A good quality electrostatic air filter can cost around $60, which may sound expensive in the short term. However, you most likely spend around $15 on a quality filter every few months which can add up to $60 a year. Electrostatic air filters can literally pay themselves off in the first year of use. You’ll thank us later! 

It does a decent job. While the electrostatic air filters may not stand up to anti-allergen filters, they do still work well compared to cheaper filters. You’ll be getter better quality air than if you bought the .50 cent filters instead. When you clean them monthly you’ll also see all the dirt and debris that it catches to know that it’s doing its job. 

What Are The Cons? 

They can only filter out so much from your air. Electrostatic air filters aren’t going to filter out as many allergens and debris as anti-allergen filters do. This is something to keep in mind for your own home. If you or someone in your home suffer from airborne allergies, you may want to steer clear from this product. It won’t protect you as well. 

They operate on static electricity. This means that they will only pick up light dirt and debris so long as they have that electricity. This means mold spores and larger bits of debris will still get through. They are good at what they claim to be, however, they cannot compare to a good quality HEPA filter. 

If it isn’t washed regularly, it can become a playground for mold and mildew. These filters need to be washed monthly at least to get rid of any buildup of dirt or debris. If you do not keep that up, then mold and mildew can grow. Especially if you do not let it dry completely before reinserting it. This combination of wet filter and dirt will definitely lead to problems. 

Electrostatic air filters block airflow more than regular filters. This means that your furnace will have to work twice as hard to get the same amount of airflow out of the machine. This can cause wear on its parts and the machine itself, leading to repairs and maintenance calls to fix it. It’s important to consider this when buying one. 


We’ve discussed the pros and cons of electrostatic air filters. Are they the right fit for you? You have to decide based on what works in your home. This would not be a good fit for allergy sufferers who need quality air. Or those who will not upkeep the filters cleaning regiment monthly. However, if you want to save money on filters, this is the way to go! 

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