Do I Need an Electrician to Replace My Electric Shower?

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Do I Need an Electrician to Replace My Electric Shower?

Electric showers, once a convenience not found in most homes, are becoming more commonplace. As these devices continue to grow in efficiency and drop in price, many homeowners are wondering who installs these devices: an electrician or plumber?

What Is an Electric Shower?

Electric showers are setups that ensure that you never run out of hot water. These type of showers are best for those homes that have plenty of people that need to shower one after another.  The temperature can be adjusted with a thermostatic control for a better experience.

Like a normal shower, the dial for the thermostatic control has a scale ranging from a blue color for cold to a red color for hot. This control adjust numerous part inside the wall relating to water tanks, pressure-balancing valves, and numerous other flow sensors.

Working similar to appliances like toaster and hair dryers, an electric shower has a heating element that warms up the cold water as it rushes past it. Being a completely sealed unit, you can rest assured that the chance for shock is almost nil.

As UK Electrician Ltd, a UK electrician in London, notes, an electric shower needs a reasonable amount of pressure for it to flow properly. In order to increase the pressure, there is a power shower. This device heats up the cold water like an electric shower but also has the additional job of increasing water pressure as well.

How Much Does It Cost?

The parts themselves are fairly inexpensive, ranging anywhere from $100 to $500 in total. A plumber with no part-p certification will be around $350, while the separate electrician will be $375. Of course, if you use a single individual the price will come down a bit.

If you already have everything in place, such as an existing electric shower setup, then it is possible to do it yourself. After you’ve cut the power to the bathroom, gotten all the necessary tools, and picked the location you’re going to install everything, you can start.

What Features Should I Look For?

The basic of thermostatic controls and increased pressures are a must. Aside from this, you should look at Bluetooth remote controls, along with smaller things like an illuminated LED indicator or tactile symbols that work great in wet environments.

There are plenty of great models out there on the market, but there are a few that stand out as some of the best. While it depends heavily on your own needs and wants, there is the Triton Seville 10.5w, Bristan Bliss 10.5w, and the Mira Sport Max 10.8w, all of which stand out in quality.

So, Do I Need an Electrician?

Yes – or an equivalent plumber. This may seem kind of odd, but a “Part-P” certified electrician or plumber will have all the tools and skills necessary to get the job done. However, if you are merely replacing an old electric shower with a new one, you might be able to do it yourself.

For a new installation, a Part-P plumber would need to wire and attach an independent circuit near the location of the electric shower. There would also need to be things like an isolating switch and the associated valves and pipes rerouted into the electric shower tank itself.

How Do I Pick the Right Electrician?

Many of the same points when picking most professionals apply to electricians as well. Look to see what people are saying about them online, if they are courteous and put your needs first, and have all the necessary training and certifications to get the job done.

Aside from making sure they are completely certified to do the labor, you should look for that coveted Part-P certification, along with things like BRE, British Standards, ELECSA, NAPIT, and NICEIC ,to name a few.

To find an electrician, word of mouth is an old but always effective procedure. That being said, the internet is an incredible resource in screening through all the electricians in your area. The Better Business Bureau website or other search engines can work great.

For new installations, it is recommended to get an electrician or plumber that is properly certified to put your electric shower in safely. A separate electrician and plumber can get the job done as well, but may cost you a bit more, as it is two people’s labor opposed to one.

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