Moving day can be a really crazy time in your life. I know it is for me, but at the same time it can be an exciting time. You could be going to college, starting a family, or just owning your first place. Either way we don’t go through it along.

If you don’t have friends or family that can spend hours helping you moving boxes and furniture into a moving truck, the next best thing is hiring a moving crew. Not only are they professionals, you don’t have to actually do any of the real work. You just have to dish out a few bucks and then sit back and relax. So, picture this: you are sitting at your soon to be old home getting ready for the moving crew to come over, you are sipping on your coffee, everything that you have is packed up and labeled. You are ready to start your new life in your new abode. Then all of a sudden you hear the gentle pitter-patter of rain on your roof and outside. It’s raining…?!?

Rain is very unpredictable. Sometimes, even the weatherman has a hard time foreseeing it. And we all know what rain can do, when it comes to important events in our lives. It sometimes seems like it comes at the inopportune times, and then you think to yourself, “Oh why me?” Rain can quickly slow down progress in an activity, and, in most cases, cancel your plans all together. So, now you are in a situation where you are wondering what is going to happen with the moving crew? According to the Miami Movers (website), you have two options:

Choice #1:

  • The movers will still move your belonging if you and the crew leader decide that it is safe to do.
  • They will cover your items in shrink wrap to keep them as dry as possible but remember shrink wrap is made to protect against dust, not water.
  • They can’t guarantee that it will provide full protection for your items.
  • Additionally, please take into account that when moving in the rain it will be a slower process than it would be on a perfect sunny day because wrapping your belongings takes time, as does finding the proper footing in the rain.

Choice #2:

  • If you have the flexibility to reschedule your moving date, it may be the best option.
  • When their movers get there, they will wait 30 minutes to an hour to see if the rain will die down, with no additional charge to you.
  • If the rain doesn’t let up, you can give the office a call as soon as possible and they will get you rescheduled for the next available move.
  • If you decide to reschedule before the men begin working, then you will not be charged anything for the rainy day visit.
  • Utilize the extra time to tie up loose ends, double-check your pack job, or get some extra rest!

According to Allied, they believe in the U.S. Postal Service’s mantra, “Through rain, shine, sleet, or snow.” It doesn’t really affect the move much. They will still go through with the move, but it will probably take a little more time than usual. But if there is heavy rain, it will be decided on a case by case basis. If it is raining heavily, then it may be the best option to just postpone the move until the following day, if you have the luxury of doing that. Though if it is a hard deadline, that may not be an option. This is because the most important thing is to keep your belonging dry. The best that they can do is cover the furniture with moving pads and then plastic wrap. Towels and carpet can be laid down to make sure it is as dry as possible.

According to movers.com, the moving crew can still conduct your move in unfavorable weather conditions. But as you can tell, it will ultimately depend on how severe the storm is at the time. Obviously, if the rain is enough to the point where flooding or hurricane warnings are active, you may have to think about rescheduling the move entirely. When you are hiring people, you should ask about their weather policy and find out what conditions are grounds for cancellation and rescheduling. If the company cancels, they shouldn’t charge extra for a reschedule.

The best way to avoid inclement weather during your move is to check the weather report a few days prior to your scheduled move date. If you see a high chance of rain, and you’re not the type to “sing in the rain,” it would probably be best to reschedule your move.

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