You love your pet. Perhaps you get organic pet food made with real ingredients. You find toys for them for endless entertainment. Maybe you even buy sweaters and booties to keep your dog, cat or other pet warm in the winter.

When it comes to choosing a type of carpet for your house, you should probably think of your pet, too. Despite their adorable faces and fun personalities, pets make mistakes. They do things they shouldn’t do. And as a result, your flooring could suffer.

Here, we share four things that you should know about what kind of carpet is perfect when you have pets.

1) Prioritize Stain Resistance

Whether you have a new puppy or an older family dog, messes are bound to happen.

You forget to let them out at their regular time, or they just couldn’t hold it any longer. Or, they get sick without you knowing. In any case, these stains can be difficult to get out and completely eliminate. When you choose a carpet that has fibers especially designed to protect against stains, it becomes easier.

If you don’t address pet stains right away, they’ll start to set in quickly and potentially leak through to the carpet padding. This will leave your carpet perpetually smelly. West Hartford Carpet Cleaners, a company providing carpet cleaning in Hartford, CT, says that even though the stain appears to be gone, those smells can creep back up over time. This is why choosing carpet with materials for stain and soil prevention is the perfect choice for pet owners.

An article by Carol White at How Stuff Works notes that there are some carpets that are designed to accommodate the needs of pet owners. These carpets prevent liquid from soaking through the carpet padding, which can reduce bacteria and mold from growing.

Keep your family and your pet healthy with a carpet choice that takes those occasional accidents into account.

2) Choose a Carpet That’s Durable

With games like fetch and playing around in the house, your carpet can end up with a lot of damage from your pets.

If you opt for a cheap carpet with little support, the surface may wear down quickly. With the constant wear and tear of running around and playing, your old, cheap carpet doesn’t stand a chance.

Rather than needing to frequently replace your carpet, choose a carpet that’s durable and that will last. Ensure that the carpet is made of quality ingredients that will hold up with constant activity.

With pets, it’s especially important to choose a carpet that is made with eco-friendly materials as well. When your animals are on the floor, so close to the carpet, you want to be sure that the materials they’re around are healthy and safe for them.

3) Choose a Carpet That’s Comfortable For Your Pets

Although hardwood floors or tile may sound like good options when you have to clean up after your pets, it may not be best for them. Especially for pets with soft pads on their feet, tile and hardwood floors may hurt their feet.

Even if they’re not always on their feet, your pets may often lie around on the ground. Would you rather sleep on a cold, tiled floor or soft, cushioned carpet? You can be sure your pet would pick the carpet as well.

Not only is carpet more comfortable for your pet, but it can also be safer for them as well. For animals with soft, padded feet, the slippery surface of tile or hardwood flooring can cause them to slip. Especially when it comes to older animals or newborn pets, those slippery surfaces can be dangerous for them in being able to move around.

An article from Empire Today suggests taking into account what your pets’ needs are. Your choice of carpet or other flooring should accommodate your pet’s size, age and temperament.

4) Keep Your Home a Quiet Place

If you have a lot of activity happening around your house, you may be wondering what you can do to keep the noise level down. Carpet is a way to help cut down on noise. Since carpet absorbs sound, your choice of flooring can help reduce noise in your home and make it a more peaceful place.

Take Care of Your Pet by Taking Care of Your Home

There’s a lot you would do for your pet. Make your choice in flooring one that takes care of your pet too. By opting to pick a soft carpet that’s durable, stain resistant and comfortable for your pets, you can create a happy home for all.

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