When lipstick gets into the carpets, it is normal to worry that the stain will be stuck there forever. Lipstick is notoriously bad at getting stuck in the fibers of any carpet and leaving a very bright stain there as well. The good news is there are a few steps that you can take to help remove lipstick out of any type of carpet.

The best way to remove lipstick from carpet is with the chemical Goo Gone and some hot water and dish detergent, explains a local carpet cleaning service in Dublin, Emerald Carpet Cleaning. In that two-step process, you can quickly remove any of the lipstick, and the stain it leaves behind to make the carpet look better. Rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover can be useful during this process as well.

When you get lipstick stuck in your carpet, it is important to remove it as soon as possible. Let’s explore some of the techniques that you can use to help get lipstick out of your carpet so the carpets look as good as new. 

Scrape Off What You Can

Before you use any kind of product on the lipstick, you should try to clean up as much of it as possible. This will help you get the tough stuff off later. Grab a towel and a good butter knife and try to scrape off, as gently as possible, any of the solid lipstick that is there as possible.

A good place to start is right at the end of the mess and then work your way to the center. Be careful so you do not smear the lipstick further into the fibers of the carpet. But removing the lipstick in this way will help to make the rest of the work a little easier, even though it may take some time now.

Bring Out the Chemicals

Once you have removed as much of the lipstick as possible with the method listed above, it is time to bring out some of the chemicals. Goo Gone is a must-have product when you have a problem with lipstick. It is effective when removing any kind of greasy or sticky messes, including those that are left by your lipstick. It also works for stickers, wax, glue, and crayon messes so keep some around for the next time.

To use this product, you need to take a clean cloth and follow the instructions on the back of the product to help apply the Goo Gone onto the stain.

Pressure the product down so the product has time to work with the lipstick. After just a few seconds, you can lift up the rag and see that some of the stain has come off as well. You can then repeat this a few times until you remove all of the lipstick stain.

Once you have been able to remove as much lipstick as possible, you need to take out a bowl with warm water. Add ¼ a cup of dishwashing detergent and just a few drops of fabric cleaner.

Then use a rag to help soak up the solution and blot it against whatever is still on the carpet of the lipstick. Continue to do this process until you get the lipstick stain removed completely.

Other Lipstick Removal Options

There are a few other options you can use to help remove lipstick from your carpets. One includes rubbing alcohol and dish detergent. You can start this in a similar way that you did before.

Clear up as much of the lipstick as possible. Then get a cloth wet with some rubbing alcohol and start dabbing away to see how much you can remove. Once the rubbing alcohol no longer brings up any more of the lipstick, it is time to wash the carpet with some water and dish detergent until it is clean.

Homeowners may also use some nail polish remover. This is effective at removing nail polish from your hands so it may work on the carpet as well to remove the lipstick. You need to go with a type that either has ethyl acetate or acetone to make it work well.

You can soak it into a clean cloth and then press it against the stain for about five minutes. After that time, the lipstick will get broken down and becomes easier to remove from the carpet. You may need to do this a few times to remove all of the lipstick.

Keeping Your Carpets Looking Nice

Lipstick is never a fun thing to find on any of the carpets in your home. It is sticky and does a great job at staining even the nicest of carpets. With the steps that we talked about above, you will be able to remove the stain and make your carpet look as good as new, no matter how much lipstick finds its way onto your carpet.

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