Don’t you hate it when you buy clothes on the internet and when you get it, it doesn’t fit? Unfortunately, that is a chance we take when purchasing clothes before trying it on. In this article, I hope to make your next Current Elliott online shopping experience more successful with information on how their denim fits.

Who is Current Elliott?

Launched in 2008, Current Elliott is new to the designer denim market, but they are leaving their mark. According to their website, Current Elliott introduced us to the popular boyfriend jeans. They aim for their brand to be based on past styles, but with a modern flare. They strive to be unique and innovative in the world of designer denim.

Current Elliott has stores in California (Century City, Venice, and San Francisco), and one in Chicago, Illinois. Although they have a limited number of stores, they will ship anywhere worldwide.

How do Current Elliott Jeans Fit?

According to Bleu Clothing, a Los Angeles women’s designer clothing shop, Current Elliott sizes run between 23 and 32.  They have a size guide on their website that can help you chose the correct size based on different ways to size depending on your country.

If you want to go even more into detail with the sizing, their website lists the inseam, front rise, back rise and leg opening for each style of jean they offer.

Although they do use the same sizing chart as other denim brands such as J Brand and Citizens, many members of the Purse Blog forum say that they buy one or two sizes smaller than they normally would. For example, one girl says she normally wears size 27-28 in Citizen and J Brand but fits in a size 26 with Current Elliott.

But, as we all know, our bodies are all different, so what may be true for one person may not be true for another. Women with bigger, more athletic legs will find that if they go a size smaller it is too tight on the thighs and legs. On the other hand, when they get them to fit well at the legs it is too big at the waist. I guess the only option, in this case, is to get the size you would normally take and wear a belt.

As with all denim, they will stretch when you wear them. According to a lot of forum posts, these seem to stretch more than others. This is one of the main reasons it is being suggested to buy one or two sizes smaller than your regular size.

What Denim Fits Does Current Elliott Offer?

As with most denim companies, Current Elliott offers different fits depending on your personal preferences.

On their website, you will find six main categories: new fits, boyfriend, skinny, high waist, cropped and flare.

  • New Fits: These include all the most recent fits they are offering. This category offers many unique types of jeans. Some examples are:
    • The Rollin Overall Flocked Star: this is your typical overalls from back in the 90s. They’ve added some black stars all over them and rolled the cuffs
    • The Dallon Zipped Jean Highline: these are a straight leg denim, but what makes them stand out is the zipper that goes from the front pockets the ankle.
    • The Corset Stiletto Skinny Jean: I thought these were unique as they are extremely high waist, with a tie belt to keep things in place. They are even more shape flattering than the typical high waist jeans.
  • The Boyfriend: These have increased in popularity in the last few years. These jeans look like your boyfriend’s but are 100% made for a woman. They usually fit baggy and low on the waist and are often rolled at the hem.
  • The Skinny: These are the tightest jeans Current Elliott offers and will hug your body at all the right places. They also come in many different styles, that include high waist and destroyed.
  • The High Waist: A blast from the past that we all love is the high waist jeans. They are a great way to camouflage a muffin top and make your legs look longer.
  • The Cropped: The cropped jeans are a straight leg denim that are cropped a few inches above the ankle with a released hem.
  • The Flare: Going back to the 70s, Current Elliott also has a couple choices for flared jeans. If you are a fan of flared denim, you know they can be hard to find.

I found a video on YouTube with a list of the new and popular Current Elliott jeans. This video allows you to see a picture of the jeans, the price, and a brief description. The Current Elliot website also has a detailed description of all their jeans.

When buying clothes online, you take the chance that you will need to return it. I hope that this article has made this task easier for you by providing you pointers and information on the fit of Current Elliott’s denim.

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