Do you want your website to rank higher on Google? It may seem like it is taking forever to reach that top position. Knowing how long it will take will help you get through the agonizing wait. Below, we will tell you how long it takes to rank higher on Google and what you can do to improve the odds.

How Long Have You Had Your Domain?

If you have had your domain for some time that will help you rank up in Google. The longer that you have the domain the more it will become trusted. Google doesn’t want to just throw any type of site to the top of the list. You should be proud when you rank higher up because of that too.

Notes on Ranking Higher

  • Just because your website has not been around for a while does not mean that it will not be highly ranked.
  • Sometimes it may take a little bit longer to be higher ranked when your domain has had a shorter lifetime.
  • Keep your domain going and it will sooner or later move up on the ranking list.
  • SEO help brings in more traffic and gets you a high ranking on Google.

You can learn more about how to get a new website to rank higher at Unamo.

If You Have Been Penalized, It May Take Longer

If your website has been penalized by Google, then you can bet that it will take longer to get a higher ranking. But don’t give up. According to Dominate with SEO, a St. Cloud SEO agency, being penalized does not mean it is impossible to get a high ranking on Google, it will just take a bit more time to do so. But a clean domain makes things easier.

How Do You Know If Your Domain Is Clean?

There are a couple of ways to tell if your domain is clean or not. One way is to use Google’s webmaster tools. From there you can see a prompt and check out the search traffic menu. Another option is to use Google Analytics, where you can generate a report.

You can find these tools at Google.

How Much Content Do You Have?

Do you have enough content on your website? The key to ranking on Google is to have content. That is not just new or old content either. Google wants to show their users the best website. That is what makes them the most used search engine. Google knows the content of your domain and that will help them judge where to rank you.

Things to Know About the Content on Your Website:

  • High Quantity: You will want to have enough stuff posted on your website. Now, remember that it needs to be of quality as well in order to have a higher ranking. So, make sure your site has a lot of valuable content.This will help you rank higher quicker.
  • No Plagiarism: This is a major no-no. Make sure that the content that you are putting on your domain is not copied from somewhere else. Google will definitely penalize you for plagiarized content.
  • Post Often: One way that Google decides to rank a website is based on how fresh the content is. If you are posting new and fresh valuable information on your website daily then you will surely rank up much quicker.
  • Link Out: This is not done enough, The best way to rank higher up is to put great reputable links on your website. This shows that you are providing the best resource for information. A couple of links on your page will go a long way.

You Can Go Social

The best way to get higher ranked on Google is to bring in more traffic. That does sound like you are going in circles but it is effective. By going social you can get the word out about your website. This will bring in more traffic. People are all about social media today. Bring your website to them. This will benefit you in more ways than one.


One way to bring in traffic is to use SEO. You can hire someone to do this for your website. It will not only bring in traffic but it will rank you higher on Google too. This provides organic traffic and it is very effective. Kind of like completing two tasks in one. It may take some time to set your website up with all the information but you will certainly benefit from it.

Ranking higher on Google can take some time. You may not see a change for several months. The steps above will help that move along a little faster for you. On average you may not see any movement for 3-4 months. It all depends. If you are interested in more information, you can check out this YouTube video.

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