Baseboards are a great way to add value and style to your home. It can really help accentuate the feel of the room as well as make it appear larger, explains a seasoned building company in London, VDL Construction. However, if you choose a baseboard that doesn’t go well with the room it can hinder it. It may not mix well with the colors, style or make the room appear smaller. All poor qualities you don’t want to happen.

So, how do you choose the right baseboard for your home?

  • First, be sure that they are the right height. A baseboard that is too tall or too short will look off.
  • Next, choose the style that goes with the room. A victorian style baseboard will go well with a historically themed room rather than a modern one. Colors should blend well together too.

This article will go into detail on how to choose the right baseboard for your house. We will explore the styles, heights and overall art of the room. Focusing on these aspects of the baseboard will help guarantee that you choose the right baseboard. They should accentuate your home rather than hinder or become an eyesore.

What Do Baseboards Do For Your Home?  

Baseboards protect your walls.

A baseboard’s main purpose is to keep furniture from getting too close to your walls. That way, when you’re setting up your room and want your bed or couch close to the wall, it doesn’t bump and scratch it by accident.

It also covers any uneven flooring or wall scratches that may have occurred from past furniture bumps.

Baseboards can complete the room.

A well-picked baseboard can make the room feel complete and cohesive.

It may seem like an afterthought in the grand scheme of interior design, however, you will find that the room will feel incomplete.

The room will also feel wrong if you pick a too tall baseboard or off-color.

They make your room look larger.

The right baseboard can make your room feel larger than it is, which is great if you want to add value to your home.

Or, you just want to make your room look larger for your own benefit.

The baseboard essentially creates an illusion of a larger room if the color is blended with the colors from the floor and walls.

Get The Right Measurements

Before buying a baseboard, measure the height of your walls first.

The right baseboard height depends on how tall the walls are in your room.

The general rule of thumb for baseboard heights are: an 8ft wall should have a 3-5inch tall baseboard while a 10ft ceiling should have a 5-7inch tall baseboard.

Don’t forget to measure the width of the walls too.

You will need to make sure you buy enough materials to cover the walls of the room.

The last thing you want is to buy the perfect baseboard, only to find that you are a few feet short. You may also buy too much, and need to cut some off.

Measuring beforehand can fix these problems and save time.

Plinth blocks are your best friends.

Plinth blocks are a great accessory to use when you are putting higher baseboards with short door casings.

They create a purposeful connection that saves you the headache of trying to trim down your baseboards.

Similar to baseboards, you’ll want your plinth blocks to match the color of your room.

Make Sure The Style Remains The Same!

Choose the right materials when getting or making a baseboard to match the room.

A wooden baseboard will look great in a room with wooden flooring.

Wooden baseboards can be stained, painted or left untreated to match the colors you are going for in the room.

A plastic baseboard is great for rooms that have a lot of moisture, like kitchens or bathrooms.

The right color will make or break your baseboards.

You will want to be sure your colors match or blend well together for your baseboard.

Many can be stained or painted over, but some may not be as easily fixed.

Save yourself some time and headache by picking the correct color from the start before applying to your wall.

Make the baseboard match the style you are going for in the room.

Baseboards are a form of art and can bring that element to your room.

You definitely want to stick to the same theme though. A victorian baseboard may not mesh as well with a modernly styled room.

Baseboards can also have custom designs on them to further match the theme of your room.


We’ve discussed how to choose baseboards for your home. We talked about how the style, function, and measurements can make or break your baseboard choices.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you, and you make a great choice for your home!

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