We have all caused a mess on floors. Oil spilled on a garage floor can be especially difficult to take care of, according to local cleaners in Birmingham, LMS Cleaning Services. Especially when you do not know the right equipment and tools to battles against stains.

Accidents can happen, but that does not mean you should have to live with a stubborn stain forever.

It is important to note that oil spillage does not only make your garage floor a mess but also causes other hazards such as, the possibility of slipping accidentally on the oil, ruining your shoes or getting your feet rather dirty, which can then be found as oil footprints later in your house.

How to tackle different sized stains/spills

Small-sized stain/spills: According to Bunnings Warehouse, small stain/spills spots are much easier to tackle as they might not be as stubborn as the larger ones. They are small in nature and easier to focus upon and easier to get rid of.

Especially if these small spots are rather new, then just a little bit of hot water, detergent and steel brush should fix things fairly easily. These can be handled with your normal everyday household items rather than having to use any specialized cleaner liquid or tool.

Large-sized stain/spills: Larger stains can be quite tasking to tackle as they cover a much larger area than small stains and they might have more spillage in terms of volume as well. In addition, they are much more time-consuming than small spots of stains.

To tackle large-sized stains requires getting a hold of a specialized cleaning agent i.e. a degreaser.

Degreaser: Cantol mentions how a degreaser is a strong chemical cleaning agent that concentrates on removing any grease, dirt, grime, or spillage of any sort in a swift manner.
And it does not in any way damage the floor you are trying to do in the process e.g. it is anti-corrosive. If anything, it will make sure the cleanliness of your garage floor is long-lasting.
Another perk of using degreasers is that they are generally environmentally friendly. It is good to know that most degreasers contain anti ozone diminishing agents in them.

Other Types of Cleaners to Use

Talcum Powder: Nguyen explains that this would be a good method for trying to get rid of small-sized oil stains. If you sprinkle the powder on top of the spilled oil, then the powder will absorb the small spots of spillage.

Cat Litter: This would be good for tackling larger stains. The trick is to take the cat litter and spread it out evenly all over the oil spillage, making sure it is completely covered by the litter.

If the spillage is not too big then you would just have to leave it covered for an hour or two and then just sweep it up and trash it. However, if the spillage is large and quite heavy then it would be best to leave the cat litter covering the oil overnight.

If there is still a little residue left after discarding the cat litter, then it might be wise to use an absorbent cloth to get rid of that. But if you want to be extra cautious, then using a light cleaning agent to clean that area would be a good decision to put your mind at ease.

Sawdust and Paint Thinner: This is good for those rather heavy oil spills that may happen on your garage floor. What you have to do is to take the sawdust and mix it with paint thinner until it becomes damp.
After that, you have to spread that mixture all over the oil spill and let it sit for around 20 minutes or so. Then, you simply have to sweep it up.

However, with this method you might not always get a completely clean result right after the first usage so, if necessary, repeat the entire process to get rid of the spillage.
In this method, you have to use a concentrated cleaning agent to clean up the residue and any other excess left behind.

To Recap…

• Oils spillage or stains, aside from looking bad can cause other hazards in your garage such as, slipping, ruining your shoes or feet which then can lead you to leave footprints of oil all-around your house.
• Small-sized spills/stains are easier to deal with and may not require heavy cleaning agents or such methods, but rather your everyday household items will suffice in successfully cleaning them off your floor.
• Large-sized spills/stains are much harder to deal with and will require concentrated cleaning agents and other materials to get rid of the oil spill.
• A very effective option is a degreaser that can remove even the most stubborn and difficult spills/stains. A perk is that most degreasers are environmentally friendly to keep your conscience clear as well.
• Other effective cleaning methods involve talcum powder that can easily remove small stains while cat litter, sawdust and paint thinner can successfully remove large or heavy spills.

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