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How to Decorate a Dark Room

Having ample amounts of sunshine in a room can make it feel lively and inviting. With access to natural sunlight, this characteristic is almost always a given. How can you accomplish the same feeling in a room that does not have the opportunity to let as much natural light in? A dark room tends to feel smaller and less welcoming by default. Luckily, there are plenty of tips and tricks that will help you! B A Madden, a painter and decorator in London, has provided some suggestions that you can utilize in order to keep your room as bright as possible.

Paint to Enhance Your Room

On his website, Bob Vila recommends a couple of different color suggestions for your walls. If you want to reflect the little natural sunlight that you have, using a color like yellow will make your room appear even brighter. Light will reflect off of the paint color that you choose, so make sure that you stay away from browns, deep reds and deep blues. Using white on your walls can make it brighter, but it can often appear more harsh. This is why yellow is usually a great happy medium to select. Yellow comes in many different shades, so you do not have to pick one that resembles the primary color if you don’t want to. Variations such as buttery yellow can offer your room just enough light reflection but also remain easy on the eyes.

If you don’t really care to keep the theme of your room natural, bold colors such as hot pink, lime green, and powder blue are also great at brightening up a space. There is also the option to go with an accent wall, in case you do not want to paint all of the walls. Another idea is to paint the ceiling! This is a fun twist to the accent wall concept. In this case, using bright white could actually benefit the enhancing of the brightness in your room. No matter which way you do it, a fresh coat of paint can go a long way.

Keep Furniture and Decor Minimal

We have all heard of the concept of feng shui, the Chinese concept that revolves around the way that you arrange your room. If you set up your furniture in a certain way that allows for a harmonious flow, you will actually be happier and healthier. Freshome explains that maintaining a more minimalistic space can relieve your anxiety.

Since a dark room already feels smaller than normal, cramming several furniture items into it probably isn’t the best choice. Less is definitely more! Stick to the essentials that you need in the given room, and from there, you can use feng shui principles to decorate. Without all of the unnecessary clutter, the light source that you have will be able to spread further into the room. Sometimes bulky items divide rooms and create shadows.

Just as the color of your walls is important, so is the color of your furniture. You probably aren’t going to want to fill a dark room with black couches and chairs. Instead, opt for items that are natural or brighter. You will still have plenty of options when it comes to theme. By lightening up your furniture, you will be effortlessly lightening up the entire space.

Consider Using Rugs

HGTV suggests that you consider a couple of different factors when you are shopping for an area rug. Using a rug can be an easy fix for a room that is feeling too dark and uninviting. Size is going to be essential. Of course, you are going to want to take measurements before you shop. Having a rug that is too small or too large can shrink a room. You will want to pick one that has a purpose, perhaps one that your coffee table sits on top of. A general rule of thumb with rugs is that you will want it to extend beyond the furniture item that it will rest underneath. If it is too small, the rug really won’t be serving much of a purpose.

Think about the colors of your walls and your furniture and decor. Any rug that you choose should not clash with any already existing features of your room. The same ideas apply to rugs that apply to the other factors. You will want to steer clear of deep, dark colors; instead, go for colors that will reflect natural sunlight. If you would like to incorporate patterns into your room, doing so with a rug is a great option! It can be a fun pop of color, or just simply make the room appear more interesting by providing a focal point. A rug is appropriate for any room of your house. Not only can it add additional brightness, but it will also add coziness.

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