How to Fix Metabolism After a Yo-Yo Diet

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How to Fix Metabolism After a Yo-Yo Diet

Dieting can cause some damage to your metabolism. A habit of yo-yo dieting can tend to leave your weight going up and down. It may seem like there is no end to it, but there are ways that you can get your metabolism working right again. Let’s check out the tips below.

Causes of Yo-Yo Dieting and How to Break the Cycle

According to Psychotherapy Services of Atlanta, an Atlanta therapist, yo-yo dieting can often be a symptom of underlying psychological issues or deeply ingrained bad habits. If you feel like there is a mental component to your yo-yo dieting, you may benefit from counseling to address the issue.

To address the physical part of the problem, you have to shift your focus to a healthy, sustainable diet and exercise routine. For starters, a healthy diet is started slowly. You will not only start exercising at a slow rate, but calorie reduction will be cut back too.

A healthy diet may not show any signs of progress at first. Jumping into a hardcore diet can throw your body’s metabolism into shock. A yo-yo diet leaves your body not knowing what it should do. But no worries, it can be fixed.

Steps to Take When Dieting

  • Start exercising gradually. You do not want to jump into an overly intense workout.
  • Slowly reduce your calorie intake. This will make it easier to diet. Your body will have time to adjust to the changes. In turn, you will feel much better and happier.
  • Stick to it. There should be no cheat days when you are doing a diet the right way. Remember it is a lifestyle change. Healthy diets are not meant to be short term.

How to Bring Your Metabolism Back to Life

With a metabolism that has slowed down due to a yo-yo diet, you will need to be gentle with it. A great way to get your metabolism back to life is to start exercising. Not the way you used to with a yo-yo diet. Below are some ways to exercise and get your metabolism going again.

How to Exercise to Bring Your Metabolism Back

  • Don’t overdo it: You will only need to work out 30 minutes per session. Do not do any more than that. Pushing too hard will not help your metabolism. Remember that this is supposed to be done at a slower pace. Be nice to yourself.
  • Exercise 3 to 5 days a week: No more than five and no less than three. Make sure that every week you work out at least that days. This is a great number to steady your metabolism.
  • Focus on strength training: Your muscles use a lot of calories. When building them, you will lose weight and boost your metabolism. Strength training is the best form of exercising to lose weight.
  • Cardio is not key: Cardio should not be the main focus of your exercise regimen. It is a great heart-healthy exercise and should not be counted out, but you want to combine the two. The best way to bring your metabolism back is through strength training.

You can find more information about strength training at ShareCare.

What Should You Eat?

There was not going to be any way to avoid the topic of eating. This is what will help your metabolism greatly. Not only is overeating harmful, but so is under-eating. Make sure you are treating your body right by giving it what it needs.

Eating Tips to Restore Your Metabolism

  • Calculate what your average calorie intake should be. You can find a calculator at FreeDieting.
  • Do not switch to this number of calories all at once. Slowly reduce or increase the amount.
  • If you are not getting enough calories, only add about 50 more calories a day depending on how much you need to up them. It may not sound like a lot, but 50 calories a day can add up to 500 in a week.
  • If you are eating too many calories, reduce them slowly. You do not need to go from a 3,000 calorie diet to 1,500 in one day. Your body will go into shock. Gradually reduce the amount you eat. Your body will love you for it.
  • Do not waste your time eating things that leave you hungry and have no nutritional value. Eat things that give you the energy and nutrients you need and keep you feeling full.

How Long Will It Take?

Every person is different. The time it will take for your metabolism to recover does depend on your body and the damage that was done. Do note that it does take some time. Over time, you will not only look better but more importantly feel better. That is what counts!

Remember that being healthy is more important than how you look. Treat your body right and get into the best shape so you can feel your greatest. If you are interested in more information, feel free to check out this YouTube video.

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