Moving smaller items can be no problem, but what about those larger items that may need to be carried in a certain way or position? A washing machine can be difficult to move, but no worries; there are some ways to move it that make the task much simpler. We Like To Move It, Move It!!, a company of Lynnwood movers, has shared all the important things to know below.

Prepare the Washer for the Move

No matter what kind of washing machine you may have, you will need to prepare the washer to be moved. There are several things to do during this process and nothing should be overlooked because it can cause a big mess or even an injury. So make sure to follow all the preparation steps listed here.

  • Always check with the manufacturer: You can check the recommendations for moving the appliance by looking at the owner’s instruction manual. In there will be some things that will help you move the appliance smoothly. This is not necessary, but it certainly helps to know any special tips or tricks, and this would be the place to find it.
  • Locate some friendly help: Real friends help each other move. Now is the time to see if you can get a helping hand on moving the washing machine. It is always better to have someone to help because it makes the job much lighter and can prevent any serious injuries that can occur when moving a large appliance by yourself.
  • Purchase a dolly: The best way to move a washing machine is with a dolly. The dolly allows for a smoother move and prevents a lot of bumping and banging on the machine. All you have to do is wheel the dolly up to the machine and then roll it to the moving truck. Beware of the stairs though. That is where help certainly comes into play.
  • Use transit bolts: By using transit bolts, you are ensuring that the washing machine drum does not bang around, which can cause damage to the washing machine during the move. If you do not have any transit bolts, you can purchase them at your local hardware store.

SFGate Home Guides has some information on how to use transit bolts to move a washing machine. Remember that it is very important not to skip this preparation step because it allows for the safety of the machine. Skipping this can result in serious damage to the appliance.

Wrap Up the Machine

Do you have a blanket laying around? Time to put it to use, and not for sleeping. Wrap the washing machine with the blanket. This will prevent the washing machine from getting any serious dings or scratches. Bubble wrap can be used, but blankets are just as efficient. Plus, you can use more than one blanket if you like.

This YouTube video shows how to wrap a washing machine to protect it from getting any scratches.

Clean the Washing Machine

Before the washing machine can be moved, make sure that nothing is inside. Having items inside can make the washing machine much heavier than it needs to be when moving. So make sure all is clear and ready to be moved.

Another step in the preparations is to run a water load. That’s right, no clothes required. This will clean the washing machine for the move. This is very important if the washing machine will not be used or is going into storage. Make sure that the washer is allowed to dry for a full 24 hours. This prevents mold and mildew growth. A towel dry can shorten the time.

Unplug and Drain the Water

Turn off all the electricity and unplug the washing machine. At this time, you can move the washer forward a bit and then turn off the water supply hoses. Once done, you can disconnect the hoses from the washing machine. Make sure to put them in an area where you can find them. Once this is done, the transit bolts can be put in place.

The worst thing when moving something is tripping over the cords. This can be dangerous.  To prevent any damage or injury, tape the power cord to the back side of the washing machine. Make sure that the power cord is rolled up and secured in place before attempting to move the washing machine.

Move the Washing Machine

Once the dolly is in place, you can then move the washing machine. Slowly move the washing machine through the home, avoiding the walls and other furniture. Once to the door, a helper can help lift the dolly over the threshold and to the truck.

It is important to have a helping hand during this process. Washing machines can be very heavy and should not be moved by yourself. Once loaded, repeat all the steps backward to unload it at its new location.

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