Have you been having issues with your metal gates? Issues in regards to stains or rust? Well, metal doors are given priority over other materials for the building of gates because of its durability. According to Blackburn & Co Ltd, seasoned fabricators in London, it is regarded as the most suitable for doors and gates.

Most standard doors come in different types of metal ranging from iron, steel, aluminum, and bronze. Metal doors hold up exceptionally well to stress and environmental pressures, making them highly durable and efficient. Most homeowners have severe issues, which was a result of rust on the surface of the gate. This rust ruins the durability and also the appearance of the gate.

You’d agree with me that the entrance is the first part of the home visible to visitors. Judging from the appearance of your gate, one can predict the kind of person (either beat or rough) living in the house. 

I will be explaining some steps you can take to get rid of this rust from your metal gates and doors. These steps are proven to yield positive results with little effort and time. 

Scrub with a wire brush

This is one of the most effective ways of removing rust from your metal gate. You can scrub the gate (affected part) with a wire brush. The main reason why you should make use of the wire brush is that rust can be a very tough stain to remove, especially from metal. You might want to move in an up and down, back and forth systemic direction to make sure the whole surface is uniformly clean. Make sure you do this with a glove because of the sharpness of the wire brush.

Note, that when scrubbing the door, you scrub gently on the rusted areas only. If you scrub too hard, it might leave scratches which might change the appearance of the gate. When cleaning, you will likely remove some of the paint. Don’t worry; you can repaint the door once you are done removing the rust. 

Apply sandpaper

After you are done applying the wire brush to the rusty surface, the next step is to use sandpaper. This is also an abrasive which complements the effort made with the wire brush on the metal gate. Similar to the way you applied the wire brush, is how you use the sandpaper as well. Take out a little portion of the sandpaper, rub the affected areas gently in a uniform and circular motion. When you do this, you’ll notice the rough marks on the gate, after applying the wire brush, becomes smooth. Once you are done with one part of the gate, proceed to another section with the same motion until all the affected areas are cleared and free from marks. After the application of sandpaper, make sure you have a small soft brush with you. You can use this to clear dirt, dust, and debris from the surface of the metal gate after sandpapering.

You can make use of vinegar

Of course, vinegar is a proven chemical that can help you dissolve the rust on your metal gate. All you have to do is use a soft brush or sponge to dab vinegar on the affected area. After this, leave for at least 30 minutes in order for the vinegar to completely react (dissolve) with the rust on the affected surface. The rust may prove stubborn; you don’t have to worry, apply more vinegar! Allow the vinegar to saturate the surface of the rust for at least 45 minutes to an hour. The vinegar will automatically dissolve the rust. Then you can wipe the surface and apply paint to make it new and fresh!

Apply baking soda to the affected surface

Should you spot traces of rust on your metal gate or door, you can conveniently apply a paste made of water and baking soda. This method is straightforward and convenient. Apply the paste directly on the affected surface and allow it to dissolve for about 30 minutes. After this, wipe the paste with a soft damp cloth or brush. You can also apply paint or varnish to brighten the affected area.

Keep the door dry and clean regularly

This is a preventive measure. In order for you to not go through the stress, as mentioned earlier, you can continuously clean the gate and make sure it’s free from moisture. You could make this a routine (maybe you can clean the gate twice a week). You can also use water and detergent to remove rust particles and dirt. Rinse and dry with a damp towel and allow the gate to air dry.

Watch out for any discolored surfaces on your gate or door. This alerts you to possible, future rust development. You should apply the treatment/preventive measures because it helps to reduce rust development.

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