Optimal Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center: Dr. Anne-Marie Feyrer-Melk, MD
Optimal Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center: Dr. Anne-Marie Feyrer-Melk, MD
Scottsdale Cardiologist

Dr. Feyrer-Melk is the founder of Optimal Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center. A leading contemporarily company that specializes in Scottsdale cardio therapy, medical health and wellness, heart attack and stroke prevention treatment. The company has the most comprehensive physicians and nutritionist that helps individuals experience medical and natural healthy treatment. It’s success is founded on professionalism, integrity and exceptional expertise that is tailored to its clients health.  At Optimal Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center, we believed that health is partially determined by genetics, but is mostly within our control! The company applies advanced inflammatory, lipid, genetic, saliva and other testing to comprehensively evaluate heart health and identify and treat cardiac risks before they emerge. Our Concierge practice is significant to people who want to know if they are living with heart risks, or those who need to know how best to treat the risks they are living with.

We developed and pursued our vision and mission of creating an Optimal Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center that allows people to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle through our Scottsdale cardiologist therapy and to share with all those that you care about.

The company provides a trusted and deep diagnostic solutions-oriented treatment available through a hands-on, Concierge approach. Our services revolve around creating an amazing new and healthy lifestyle. We take pride in the health and safety standards of our patients. Our unique and enduring commitment has attracted the attention of thousands of individuals. With over 10yrs years of existence, we guarantee ultimate and quality result in heart attack and stroke prevention treatment. With the aid of our professional and certified Scottsdale Cardiologist, we provide treatment to support and build the body, improve general health, support immunity levels, control and support heart diseases and prevention issues, etc. Scientific and accredited evidence show that Optimal Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center are beneficial for overall heart and stroke condition. We have only one motto “until you are satisfied and Healed”.

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