The smell of your septic tank can be horrible. You may be wondering where the smell is actually coming from. I want to you give a few tips on how to resolve this issue. You will be breathing fresh air once again by the time you are done following some of these simple steps! Let’s get started!

How Does a Septic Tank Work?

To get a full understanding of what is going on, you must understand how your septic tanks actually work. If you are already aware of this, you can skip this section or read on through. Hopefully, I can add some info for you.

What Is The Septic Tank?

As explained by Excavation Contractors CT who specializes in septic tank installation, your septic tank is a very large tank made from concrete. It is made to hold solids and liquids, making it waterproof. A large hole is dug into the ground to place the septic tank. There are a few different types of drainage, but all serve the same purpose to relieve the septic tank of water naturally.

What All Goes Into The Septic?

Everything that goes down into the drain should go into your septic tank. Some people can make a rock bed and have their washing machine water drain into it. There are specific guidelines and each area has different rules and regulations. People do this to bring relief to the influx of water into their septic and drainage fields.

What Is Going On Inside The Tank?

Well, everything that goes down the drain into your septic is in there. You can picture it as having a lot of nasty sludge on the bottom of the tank with freshly flushed toilet paper and the such floating atop with water in the mix of it all. The sludge is being kept and broken down by bacteria inside the tank. That is what you are smelling. The bacteria eating the garbage.

Why Is The Smell In Your House?

You are reading this because you want to know why the smell is inside your house and not in the tank. That smell seems to be crawling up the pipes. This could be due to a couple problems. Now, do note that sometimes you may have a small scent from the septic, this is normal. However, your entire home should not smell from the septic tank.

Where Is The Smell Coming From?

Well, we know it is coming from the septic tank, but why? It could be a couple things. Want to know the great news? You can fix it yourself. Let us go over some of the possible causes and solutions to those causes right here below.

The Vent Pipe May Be Clogged

If you are experiencing any other issues such as a clogged drain, this may be due to the vent pipe being clogged too. So, this may be a solution to more than one issue that you may be having. Let’s go over a few things about the vent pipe.

  • The vent pipe allows gases to escape so the smell will not fill the pipes and ultimately leak into your home.
  • The vent pipe also makes the pressure in the tank and pipes have an escape route. This makes everything level.

Here is how to unclog it:

Turn on the water hose! You read right, the water hose. What a quick fix, right? It will involve climbing a ladder. Make sure you use safety or even have a partner help you out with the task. All you do is run the water hose down the vent pipe that is located on top of your home. This should wash down all that gross smell. You can find out more information at www.dummies.com.

Check Out The P-Trap

If there are any clogs in the pipes inside your home, it could be making the smell radiate through the additional unclogged pipes. If you have some pipes that you may not use often, it is a good idea to have some cleaner poured down them. Remember standing water does not have to be visible for the pipe to be clogged. The clog could be down in the pipe.

Here are some tips below:

  • Inspect your pipes. You can do this by shining a light into the drain to see if the water is draining.
  • Pour water into the drain.
  • Run Water. This is in every room of the house that has plumbing.
  • Use Some Drain Cleaner.

You can find more information on how to unclog pipes in your home at www.howstuffworks.com.

Some Last Notes.

I hope that all this information was useful to you. Often times the smell of your septic can go away just by following the simple tips above. For more information, you can watch this video on youtube in the link.

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