Virtual events are a great way to help you to bring people together, even when they are not able to meet face to face. You will get a chance to set up an event, talk with one another, and so much more, no matter where the other person may be. There are so many reasons that you should consider working with a virtual event, and there are different types of virtual events that you can choose to host.

When setting up a virtual event, you need to consider which type is best for your needs, says experts in live streaming services, Go Live.  some of the different options to consider include webinars, virtual conferences, hybrid events, town halls, and online training. The right type of virtual event will depend on what your overall goal is for that event and how many people will attend. Before choosing one, you need to consider all the options and then pick the right one for your needs.

There are many benefits to choosing the right virtual event. Let’s explore some of the different options and see which one will help you reach your goals.

What are the Types of Virtual Events?

With so many different types of virtual events to choose from, it is sometimes hard to know which one is right for you. Some of the main types of virtual events to choose from include:

Virtual Conferences

A virtual conference is going to be a great way to get started with a virtual event. These conferences will provide the attendees with a chance to access all the events remotely. They can check out panels, keynotes, and attend networking, but it will all be done online. The person who comes can choose to either be active and participate, or they can sit back and learn as they watch. This makes it more convenient for everyone involved.


Webinars are best if there is single-track streaming of educational content and there will not be a lot of interactions between the host and the participants. You will be able to find a webinar on almost any topic that interests you the most. This is basically just a web seminar that will go over a specific topic. The host will talk to smaller groups, but it is a video meeting that happens in real-time. The host will talk for a bit and then usually open it up to Q&A at the end of the lesson.

Hybrid Events

A hybrid event will help to combine some of the components of in-person events with some of the virtual components, which can be recorded or live. This might be as simple as having a panel discussion or live lecture that gets streamed to the viewers online who can’t make it. Or it can be more complex to really help combine the best of both worlds. These events are good for those events where a physical experience is important, but the organizers want to help provide an option where others can attend remotely if they can’t make it.

Town Hall

A town hall is going to be an event that will focus on nurturing the culture of the company, aligning and updating the staff about new developments, building more professional connections, or helping to create a gathering of people who have similar interests. They are going to deliver on-demand video or live streaming. This helps to increase the sense of urgency and helps the attendees feel like they belong. These are good for company events, international conferences, and department meetings for example.

Online Training

Even training events can be done online now. Online training has the ability to cover up a lot of ground for education and certificate training. This is even used for onboarding new hires to a company. The focus here has to be on learning. The instructor has to have the skills to present the information thoroughly and clearly. And the students need to have the ability to interact with the teacher and even talk with other students to help them learn more than before. The goal is to help the viewer be prepared with the new training so they can use it when it is done.

Creating the Best Virtual Event

There are many reasons why you should create a good virtual event. This is a great way to bring together a lot of people, regardless of their location, to share information, to educate, and to work on networking along the way. The right type of virtual event is going to depend on the exact type of information you want to share and what will be the final goal when you decide to make the virtual event. Take a look at all of the great options for virtual events and choose the one that is right for your needs.

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