Have you ever driven over any of those rubber speed bumps or humps before? They do not do much in the way of slowing people down. What in the world are they used for, then? A couple of things, actually. You may find this interesting. Let’s get started on what they are really for!

Do They Slow People Down?

When you see rubber speeds bumps you may think that it is a slower zone or a stop is ahead. Even though the speed bumps do not actually slow people down by force, they are used to slow people down by choice.

A speed bump does not do anything to the speed of the car. What it does do is alert the drive and then the driver will then slow down. This is of course if they are driving like they are supposed to. There are a couple of things that a speed bump does to get the driver’s attention. Let’s go over that below.

What Is That Up Ahead?

Speed bumps can also be considered a visual way to tell you to slow down. Almost all speed bumps, rubber or not, are made to be seen. They are not hiding like ninjas ready to jump out. They are noticeable. Sometimes they will even have a reflective coating on them so that you will see them and then slow down.

Do You Hear Loud Thumps?

When driving over a speed bump or hump you will hear loud thumps. This will definitely get the driver’s attention. No matter what you are doing, you cannot help but hear the loud thumps when you drive over those rubber pieces, even if the radio is loud. So, you definitely hear it.

What Is That Vibration?

Did you know that there is a vibration when you drive over the rubber speed bumps or humps? If for some reason or another the driver does not hear the thumping noise, he or she will certainly feel the vibration when driving over them. It vibrates the seats, steering wheel and everyone in the car.

What Is the Most Common Speed?

Most speed bumps/humps are placed in areas where your speed will normally max out at 20 mph. Sometimes it is even less than that though. Most of the time it is in residential areas or parking lots. Once again, it is really a reminder to slow down and watch out for people or animals. Mainly people.

Why Are They Placed in Certain Areas?

Speed bumps or humps are placed in certain areas as a warning to slow down. According to Unimat Traffic USA (http://unimattraffic-usa.com/), a lot of them are placed in residential areas or schools zones, mainly where there are pedestrians or children playing. Just as quickly as someone can forget they are speeding is just as quick as a child can forget that they are chasing a ball into the street.

Do You Want Speed Bumps in Your Area?

There are a few ways to go about getting speed bumps put in on your street. A lot of times it will be up to the county department. Now, if you are a resident you can definitely ask for speed bumps. If you have a good reason for them they will usually come and put them out for you at no charge to the community.

The Petition

You may need to start a petition if you want speed humps on your road. If there seems to be an issue, this is the best way to convince your county that you will benefit from them. Once the officials see that there is a need and the people in the area are all asking for it, then they will usually come and install the speed bumps.

What Is the Cost?

The cost of rubber speed bumps can be about $2500. That sounds like a lot, but if it will get people to slow down in front of your home and provide a little more safety, it is certainly worth it. Even though you can buy them yourself, there may be ordinances in your city that prohibit you from putting them down. Always ask first.

Hopefully, all the information on this page has been helpful to you. There are so many good reasons to have speed bumps. Even though they do not stop people, they do help remind people to slow down. That is good for everyone. We all can get in a rush. Check out this YouTube video video for more info.

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