While you may make plans to work for a long time at your job, things can happen. If you are seriously injured or have a serious illness to consider, then you may not be able to work. This is where Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance can come into play and help you afford life when you can’t work. But what is a TPD claim and how do you file one?

What is a TPD Claim?

A Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) claim is a type of insurance claim that provides financial support to individuals who are unable to work due to a permanent disability. It typically covers medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and loss of income. The eligibility criteria for TPD claims vary depending on the insurance policy.

Sometimes you are permanently unable to work, and in other situations, you may not be able to return to the same line of work, but could take on a different job, says TPD Lawyers in Brisbanesource. It will depend on the type of TPD insurance you have.

When you suffer an injury or illness that makes it impossible to work, you can receive a lump sum payment to help cover the loss of work. These claims can take time because the insurance company will complete due diligence to ensure that your disability is total and permanent before paying it out.

Understanding how the TPD claim works can take some time and it may feel frustrating to have to wait out the claims process. Working with the right team along the way can make this easier and ensures that you will be able to get the payment you are looking for.

Understanding a TPD Claim

Once you are injured or get sick on the job, you may be under a lot of stress. First, you need to consider how to get through all the doctor visits and receive the care you deserve. There are a lot of bills to consider and they do not seem to cover themselves.

All of this can make a horrible situation even worse. This is why you will need to file a TPD claim.

A TPD claim is one that you make to your TPD insurance to get a lump-sum payment if you suffer a serious illness or injury that makes it impossible for you to continue working. Depending on the situation and the type of insurance you have, the claims process can be lengthy.

The insurance company wants to make sure this is a permanent disability, not one that you will recover from after a few years, before they make the big cash payment to you.

How to Make a TPD Claim?

While the TPD claim process can take time to complete, filing a claim does not require too many steps. Some of the things you will need to go through when filing a TPD claim include:

  • Contact the insurer: Tell your insurance company about your intention to do a claim and ask about what evidence you need to bring. The process will vary based on the provider, but you will be assigned a case manager to help you through this process.
  • Submit the claim: The company will often send forms out for you to fill. You need to include all the evidence you can about your condition. Once the information is passed back to the case manager, they will keep you up to date and let you know if more information is necessary.
  • Assessment of the claim: The insurance company will assess the claim to see whether you are eligible. In some situations, they may ask for more evidence or a second opinion first.
  • Initial decision is made: When the insurance provider has had a chance to look over the information, they can choose to accept, defer, or decline the claim.
  • Respond: You may be allowed to provide more supporting information if the claim is rejected in the beginning. If you do not agree with the decision, then you can send out an appeal of it as well.

The insurance company will be able to make one of three choices on your claim. They will either accept it and the benefit is paid out to you from the insurance company, defer it, which means they need more information to determine whether to pay you or not, which can delay your payment, or decline, which means that you do not meet the conditions of your policy and will not receive any payment for it. You should ask questions and be kept aware of the situation the whole time so nothing comes as a surprise.

Starting Your TPD Claim

If you have been serious injured or are suffering from an illness that makes it hard to go to work, you may want to work on a TPD claim. These take awhile, so make sure to start it early and have all the paperwork in hand and ready to go.

This will make a difference and helps you to expedite the process and get it all done so you can get the payment you deserve.

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