What is an overhead garage door?

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What is an overhead garage door

If you have been deciding on getting a garage door you must have heard of the overhead versions. Don’t worry you aren’t missing anything out on these – these are just a term used interchangeably with garage doors as a whole. These types typically come in one of two models.

What are the different models of these types of garage doors?

As mentioned by Discount Garage Door (who did an excellent job of installing my overhead door in OKC), you can expect two different garage door models. In most residential applications you’ll find the sectional roll up – in fact, if you have a garage right now it probably has one of these doors. The older variant, the swing-up, is still found in some homes.

What’s the difference between a sectional and swing up?

Swingups, often called tilt-ups as well, are one solid piece and are typically pulled with springs rather than relying on a track. Sectional roll-up models, on the other hand, are made up of many different panels that can bend up as they follow a track to the ceiling.

Are there any other versions?

Swing outs can be found on some homes. These do exactly what is expected – they have a hinge on one side and open and close like a traditional door. These can be in a single section that sweeps out wide or a pair of double doors that open like a gate.

What materials are garage doors made out of?

There are a wide variety of materials that have their own set of advantages. While not seen too often anymore, there are many wood versions out there still. There are also aluminum, composite, vinyl, and fiberglass doors as well.

Are there any safety precautions I need to take with these doors?

Yes, you should steer clear of getting your fingers stuck in the sides as you can lose or pinch fingers. Try testing the digital safety features, such as the auto reverse and the electric eye from time to time, and always be mindful of having to replace the torsion springs.

What’s this about digital features?

Many modern garage doors come with all sorts of electronics to improve safety. The opener itself should reverse when the door comes in contact with any resistance. There are many different types of keycode and remote locks that can help protect your house from burglars.

What sort of maintenance is needed for garage doors?

Garage doors are usually pretty low maintenance, but there are a few things that should be done at least once a season – keep the parts clean and well lubricated to increase the lifespan. Also, take a little bit of time to tighten any nuts and bolts as these have a tendency to loosen up.

What does it take to install?

As you can probably imagine, garage doors can be a bit awkward to install because of how large they are. If you are replacing, the old door will have to be removed – along with new tracks, hardware, and electrical wires added.

Is there anything else I need to know about install?

Yes, in some cases there might be additional work involved. Think along the lines of resizing the opening and reframing the exterior. If you also get an opener and other electronic devices added expect more money and time needed to be set aside.

How much does a new garage door cost?

It can vary quite a bit, but expect an average cost of around $1,071, with the typical range being anywhere from $728 to $1,424. Though costs can vary tremendously depending on what you need to be done, and where you are located.

My garage door isn’t opening correctly, what should I do?

Look inside at the tracks – often times they might be dirty or blocked, which interrupts the movement. If this isn’t the case you might have a broken spring – often times garage doors come with multiple springs and will still work, albeit rarely when one of them breaks.

The door is starting to warp, is there anything I can do?

This is a common problem with wooden ones, but can also happen in some steel doors as well. The best course of action is to install some tensions rods along the back of the door in an X pattern – this will force the door back into its original shape.

Is there anything else I should know?

Overhead garage doors are by far the most common type of garage doors – they come in a couple different models and can be made of many different materials. All in all, with a little upkeep and mindfulness, these machines can last you a long time without any hassle.

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