Exercising is a great way to get in good shape. There are tons of websites and books with information on how to get in shape. But what about exercising to relieve stress? Is that a thing? You bet it is! In this article, you can find some of the best exercises for stress relief. You may be a bit surprised to find how relaxing they are! Let’s get started!

Let’s Talk About Stress

Stress is very bad for the body. Well, bad stress is anyway. Studies show that a small amount of stress that is overcome with good choices and steps is actually healthy. However, bad stress will need to be removed. Too much stress is always bad. In fact, it can cause damage to the body. So, not only will it be a bad day, week, or month, it can do harm to your health.

Here are some of the negative effects stress can have on one’s health:

  • A lot more people are getting anxiety from the stresses of everyday life. Anxiety can cause a wide range of health issues.
  • Stress can cause weight gain as well as weight loss. Both can be health hazards if it steers you away from a healthy weight. Also, how fast your weight changes can be harmful too.
  • Stress can physically drain you and cause pain in the body that would otherwise not be there.
  • With all the stress comes fatigue. Thee body just gets completely drained. It needs a break. This can lead to feeling fatigue.
  • Insomnia due to stress can cause depression, hallucinations, irrational thoughts, delusions, and many more issues. Sleep is very important.

Disclaimer: It is important to talk to a doctor about any health issues that one may be having. It is also important to check with a doctor before starting any kind of exercise routine.

Strength Training Relieves Stress

According to FITHAUS, a personal trainer in Toronto, strength training can help relieve stress greatly. It helps build muscles and strength in the body while reducing stress. The health benefits are great! Not only does strength training help relieve stress, it also releases hormones in the body. These hormones put the mind in a better, happier, and healthier state.

Some strength training exercises to relieve stress can be found at Nerd Fitness

Relieve Stress with Yoga

Yoga has been known to relieve stress for a long time. It is not a religious exercise as one may think. However, it can be in some groups. Yoga focuses on relaxing the mind. It includes several different stretches and relaxation techniques. In fact, yoga can actually help the body and mind deal with stress while in a stressful situation.

Yoga can be great for learning breathing techniques to conquer stress while it is happening and to relieve the stress of the day. Plus, it helps stretch the body and rid it oftoxins that may have built up in the tissue.

You can check out some yoga poses and techniques at Yoga Journal.

Want to Try Pilates?

One great exercise to relive stress is Pilates. Not to mention, the body can get seriously fit while doing Pilates. The body can get stronger as well as more flexible. Pilates gets the heart pumping and sweat flowing. Whatever stress in life has been thrown at one can soon be relieved, or at least better coped with by doing some Pilates.

Regulating sleep can help relieve stress greatly. By doing an exercise like Pilates, can get the body back on track. Work, exercise, and sleep.

More information on Pilates can be found at WebMD.

Martial Arts Can Relive Stress

A great exercise that relieves stress is martial arts. Not only is stress being relieved, but a skill that aides in self defense is also being learned. Knowing that one can defend themselves provides a great stress relief in itself. Plus, martial arts are very physical and gets the heart pumping. The mind will have to focus on the moves.

There are several things that martial arts have to offer. Stress relief is a major factor. There are several places that provide courses on martial arts for a fee. Some places even provide classes for several different ages. Not a bad family event to learn self defense while relieving stress and bettering the body’s health.

Take a Swim

Another relaxing exercise is swimming. Muscle can be built as well as it being a heart healthy exercise. Take a few laps to relieve some stress.

After getting the okay from a doctor, get started on some of these exercises. Stress can be conquered. Find the exercise that fits you! More information can be found in this YouTube video if you are interested.

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