Winter may sound like the worst time to be a fashionista, with the dropping temperatures forcing you to hide in thick, fuzzy and comfortable clothing. You might think it’s the season to look like a sack of potatoes, but it’s not. Online fashion guide Style Caster recommends being creative with adding layers of clothing; not only will it keep you warm, it guarantees you stay in style too.

Now, dressing for more formal events could be a bit trickier, but don’t fret–Maureen Callaghan Dressmaker, one of the top dressmakers in Orpington, has suggested some interesting layers that you could wear over your evening gown in winter.

(Faux or Ethical) Fur Coat

Winter is the best (and for plenty of areas, only) time to bust out the fur coat. When choosing the right kind of fur for your weather, here is an important tip: the thicker the fur, the better its ability to keep you warm. Really, it’s science! According to the blog Truth About Fur, “Wind removes heat from your face by convection, and the faster it blows, the more heat it removes. But when the wind hits a solid object, a boundary layer is created in front of the object, inside which the wind blows down. The larger the object, the thicker and more insulating the boundary layer.”

Fur coats, of course, do not come without ethical debates, so when looking for a fur coat to wear over your evening gown, consider a faux fur coat or ethical fur coat. Not all fur coats are created equal; you would be happy to know that there are “ethical coats” which are manufactured under strict ethical guidelines such as “invasive fur”. Invasive fur is sourced from creatures that are exterminated because they wreak havoc to nature or human existence, such as Nutria fur. Nutria fur is sourced from the animal copyu, a rodent that is a relative of the beaver that eats swamp plants, causing an imbalance to the wetland ecosystem.

Belted Robe Coat

A belted robe coat is a great piece of winter clothing because it can go from day to night, flatters the figure (aka is not bulky), and does not go out of style. The belted robe coat is a classic wardrobe staple that has lasted through eras of fashion evolution. You can play around with robe lengths; a long robe over a short cocktail dress is sleek and sexy (and warm!) while a short robe can give a fun and foxy peep of the evening gown underneath.

Leather Jacket

We know what you’re thinking, “A leather jacket over an evening gown?!” Yes, it works because a leather jacket adds an element of surprise and spunk to your formal dress and sends the message that, “Yes, I can be both a princess and a badass.” A tip when you’re planning to wear a leather jacket over your evening gown is to go for contrasting textures and color, say a black leather jacket with accents paired with a plain white cocktail dress.


Wearing a shawl over your evening gown is a great way to keep your back and arms warm, especially if it’s a drapey one. A drapey shawl lets you pretend you’re cocooned inside a blanket while attending a formal function. Inside Out Style Blog gives some helpful tips on how to wear a pashmina over an evening gown, and you may agree that wearing it with a brooch pin is a comfortable way to amp up the elegance of your dress.


The great thing about scarves is that they can go from lightweight to heavyweight, so you can choose according to how deep into the winter blues the weather is. Scarves protect your neck from the harsh cold, which is handy if you love taking romantic evening walks with your significant other. You can style scarves in many ways that will not only enhance your outfit but also accentuate your assets such as your eyes, shoulders or even your height.


Boots may not sound like something you would wear with an evening gown, but why not? They add unpredictability to the otherwise tried and tested gown and high heels combo. The key to wearing boots over your evening gown in winter is to go for a pair whose color and material complement your gown. Also, boots let you get away with not shaving in the winter because who shaves in the winter, right?

A Pop of Color

Winter can be a drab season–frozen roads, trees covered in thick snow, and weather that makes you want to just crawl inside a cozy quilt. Well, your fashion doesn’t have to be dreary and dull! Wear a pop of color over your evening gown–cheerful yellow, metallic magenta or hot pink; all these colors will make you stand out in a sea of evening neutrals.

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