There are so many choices on the market today for the best mattress. It can be such a hard decision on which type of mattress to choose. Let’s go over which mattress would be the best.

Now, you will have to decide for yourself, but this may help. Let’s get started!

The Types Of Mattresses.

Since we have three different styles of mattress here let’s go over which each one is. You may already know since you have been looking to purchase a new mattress, but if not it is always good to learn a little something new. Plus, this will help you understand which one would be the best pick for you.

The Spring Mattress.

A spring mattress contains springs inside of the material. It is what gives the mattress its firmness and bounce. This was the only type of mattress around for the longest time. With newer inventions, they have the foam and many other kids. Just because the spring mattress has been out the longest does not mean that it is no longer any worth though.

The Foam Mattress.

Just like the name says it is foam. Now the foam can be made to different degrees of firmness and such. A lot of people now are using memory foam toppers on their mattresses. The memory foam remembers the imprint of your body. It is supposed to provide a lot of comfort to the user.

The Latex Mattress.

A latex mattress is very similar to the foam mattress. The two can hardly be told apart. The difference is latex is more of a durable material. It can actually be made of foam that has been processed to make it more durable. Latex is certainly its own kind of mattress material though.

Which One Is Better Though?

This is the hard question here. Which one is better? With the help of mattress expert, Natural Mattress Matters (who specializes in organic mattresses & bedding), let’s take a look at some of the differences between the three. For starters let’s compare two of the mattress type and then work from there. Since the foam and latex are so close in look then we will compare those two types of material for mattresses first.

Latex Or Foam?

Did you know that foam mattresses have been known to provide the most comfort? How about the latex mattresses though? Not so much. So, why compare the two? Because the latex mattress is actually very durable. It may not feel comfortable but it lasts a long time. The latex is also known to be the healthiest type of mattress. Let’s face it though, we do want comfort!

Let’s Look At Latex.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that latex has to offer. You can see them below.

  • Latex mattresses are made out of a natural organic material.
  • Heat is pulled away from you.
  • Creates clean air.
  • Helps maintain a perfect posture by aligning the spine properly.

Now, How About Foam?

Foam is a great mattress material. Can it stand against latex though? Let’s take a look and see.

  • Foam is made from natural or organic materials.
  • It pulls heat away from the body.
  • Helps provide proper posture support.
  • Gives pressure relief.
  • Evenly distributes body weight.

So, while looking at the two, the foam is a better way to go. The reasons are in the comfort and the added benefits that the latex seems to be lacking. What about a spring mattress though?

Should It Be Spring Or Foam?

Now, this is a big question. Spring or foam. Now, this is not a fair vote because you have not been given information about the spring mattress yet and what it has to offer. Let’s do that now.

The Spring Bed.

Above are a couple great things that the other materials have to offer. Here are some things about a spring bed that you may find helpful.

  • A spring mattress pulls heat away from the body.
  • A spring mattress is also very firm.

Which One Will It Be?

As you can see the spring bed does little to offer support. It is not known to last as long as a foam mattress would either. You will not find pressure relief with a spring bed and it will not evenly distribute your body weight. So, while traditional it may not be your best pick. If you have a spring bed a layer of memory foam may bring some comfort to you.

I hope that all of this information helps you decided what the best type of mattress would be for you and your body type. Foam does seem like the way to go. It lasts long and provides much more than the other leading materials. Well, check out this youtube video for more information.

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