Choosing to have a home inspection done on any property you decide to purchase can be a smart idea. This allows you to know about any hidden problems that may show up and can give you negotiating power so that the seller will have to get the issues fixed, rather than you being stuck with the bill. But one question that home buyers may have when they hire a home inspector is when they will need to pay for the inspection.

There are two ways to pay for the home inspector. According to Gulf Coast Home Inspections (a home inspector in Sarasota, FL), most inspectors want to be paid either before the inspection or on the day of the inspection. This helps them get paid, whether the house closes or not. The report is all yours, even if you walk away. Some inspectors will allow you to pay them at closing too. You should talk to the inspector ahead of time to come up with payment arrangements and to learn how much the inspection will cost.

A home inspection can seem like an additional expense on top of a big list of expenses when you are trying to purchase a home. But it can help you know more about your home and can prevent you from having to handle some expensive repairs after you close. Let’s take a closer look at how to handle paying your home inspector while closing on a new home.

Do I Pay My Home Inspector the Day of the Inspection?

There are a lot of reasons to choose to get a home inspection done. The biggest one is that it provides you some protection against major problems that happen in the home. Whether the seller knew about the problems and hid them from you to start with, or they were hidden, having a home inspection done is a smart decision for the home buyer.

If you hire a home inspector, you will usually pay them the day of the inspection. The inspector will come to the property and complete the work, providing you with in-depth knowledge about the property and any potential problems that you may have with it. Once they are done, and before they release the report to you, they will request payment and expect you to pay for it right away.

It is a good idea to save up some money to help pay for the inspection ahead of time, so you are not caught by surprised. You can use check, credit, or debit card to help make this payment and to get the report. Remember that you can use this report to help you negotiate some of the changes and work that need to be done with the seller. This cost is often considered some of the closing costs that you should have ready ahead of time.

Can I Pay My Home Inspector at Closing?

Many of the costs that you have for closing on a home can be set back until it is time to close on the property. You will pay your down payment, your appraisal, and more when you get to closing and sign all of the paperwork that final day. Even the seller can put off some of the costs, such as paying the real estate agent and some of the repairs that they got done on the home until closing. That can bring up the point that many buyers wonder if they are allowed to pay their home inspector when they come to closing too, rather than paying them on the day of the inspection.

Most inspectors do not want to wait until closing to get paid. There can often be a problem with closing, which can delay the payment for a long time if things go wrong. And it is always possible that closing will not happen because the buyer and seller are not able to come up with an agreement with one another at some point. The home inspector usually likes to get paid as soon as possible after they do their work, regardless of how well the house sale goes. You should be prepared to pay them at that time. If you do need to delay the payment, you should talk to the home inspector about that before they come by.

Choosing the Right Home Inspector

In a competitive market, it is tempting to avoid the home inspection and save some money. This can make things go faster and is definitely in the best interest of the seller so they don’t have to worry about some of the issues that may show up. But as a buyer, a home inspection is going to provide you with peace of mind and some assurance that your new home is safe and secure. Make sure to find a good home inspector right from the start to keep your home and investment as safe as possible.

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