Entertainment Places in Birmingham, UK

Birmingham is one of those travel destinations with something to offer for practically every kind of tourist. In one bustling location, you get food, art and culture, music and night life, architecture, nature and sports. What seals the whole package is the warm hospitality for which the Brummies are known — and their adorable twang […]

What are the Best Corporate Event Themes?

Corporate events can be a great way to show appreciation for your employees, or maybe you’re raising money for a charity. Having the best corporate event theme will have people talking about it, and maybe even draw attention to your company or charity. Types of Corporate Events There are many different types of corporate events […]

What Is a Dhow Cruise in Dubai?

In the past, dhows were used by the Arabs to tread the Indian Ocean in search of pearls and other means of livelihood. Fast forward to the present, a dhow cruise is one of the most spectacular ways to witness the dazzlingly beautiful juxtaposition of Dubai’s past and present. A press release issued by Dubai’s […]