What is an overhead garage door?

If you have been deciding on getting a garage door you must have heard of the overhead versions. Don’t worry you aren’t missing anything out on these – these are just a term used interchangeably with garage doors as a whole. These types typically come in one of two models. What are the different models […]

What Garage Door Spring Do I Need?

You may think that the garage door opener is what is supposed to open your garage door. It certainly does play a part in the process. However, the springs do a lot of the opening work. Did you know that when the springs on your garage door break that you can either get stuck in […]

What Does It Cost To Install a Garage Door Keypad?

You might not think of it anymore, but there is plenty of technology all around you that you might take for granted. One such thing is the garage door keypad – but before we can delve into the cost of installing these, you need to look at what they control – the garage door opener. […]

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