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Do Moving Companies Cancel in the Rain?

Moving day can be a really crazy time in your life. I know it is for me, but at the same time it can be an exciting time. You could be going to college, starting a family, or just owning your first place. Either way we don’t go through it along. If you don’t have […]

What Are Rubber Speed Humps/Bumps For?

Have you ever driven over any of those rubber speed bumps or humps before? They do not do much in the way of slowing people down. What in the world are they used for, then? A couple of things, actually. You may find this interesting. Let’s get started on what they are really for! Do […]

Renting Boats in Miami for the Perfect Weekend

With vacation season approaching, there are likely plenty of options crossing your mind. One excellent vacation spot is Miami, Florida. Now, we all know that choosing a destination is only half of the work. Once you have nailed down where you want to go, you have to fill an itinerary with things to do. In […]

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