Do Moving Companies Cancel in the Rain?

Moving day can be a really crazy time in your life. I know it is for me, but at the same time it can be an exciting time. You could be going to college, starting a family, or just owning your first place. Either way we don’t go through it along. If you don’t have […]

How to Pack Mirrors for Moving (and Other Large Breakables)

Large mirrors can be beautiful and create the illusion of a room that is much bigger than it really is. Transporting these can be tough though, according to Flat Fee Movers Bradenton, seasoned movers in Bradenton. The last thing you want is a scuffed, cracked, or shattered mirror arriving at your home after a move. […]

How to Move a Washing Machine

Moving smaller items can be no problem, but what about those larger items that may need to be carried in a certain way or position? A washing machine can be difficult to move, but no worries; there are some ways to move it that make the task much simpler. We Like To Move It, Move […]

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