Depression, What Does It Feel Like?

Depression is becoming an increasingly common mental health disorder, with an estimated 17.3 million adults across the united states experiencing at least one major depressive episode, which is 7.1% of all adults according to the National Institute of Mental Health. To answer, “what does depression feel like?” first we should understand what depression is.  The […]

Does Medicare Cover Stair Lifts for those with Disabilities?

Stairlifts promise new freedom for you or your loved one with disabilities. The stairs in your own home no longer rise as an invisible fence, baring half the home. Finding the right stairlift is exciting, but there are some questions we should look at along the way—specifically, questions involving Medicare, explains Columbus Walk-In Bath Solutions, […]

Does Medicare Pay for Assisted Living?

When you are looking into assisted living for a loved one, an extremely influential factor to consider is whether Medicare will pay for it. Let’s be honest: not everyone can afford to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket each month, and with the help of Hermitage Roanoke, a Roanoke, VA assisted living facility, we […]

What Is the Best Exercise for Stress Relief?

Exercising is a great way to get in good shape. There are tons of websites and books with information on how to get in shape. But what about exercising to relieve stress? Is that a thing? You bet it is! In this article, you can find some of the best exercises for stress relief. You […]

IV Amino Acid Therapy for Addiction

As you might know, there are countless types of therapy for addiction. One of the less well-known therapies is IV amino acid therapy. You might have heard of it before, or maybe it’s totally new to you. We’re going to take a look at the background of IV amino acid therapy for addiction. This will […]

Can I Use a Chiropractor for Degenerative Disc Disease?

If you regularly feel pain in the neck and lower back areas, you could be suffering from degenerative disc disease (DDD). Most people shrug off the pain, but the truth is that DDD can cause muscle spasms so intense that they’re debilitating. The question is, what can you do about degenerative disc disease? What Is […]

Are Teeth Gap Bands Safe?

If you have a gap between your teeth, you may want to close it up for cosmetic purpose. Not everything that is sold on the market is safe though. There are some things to be wary of. If you are considering teeth gap bands, you may be wondering if they are effective or safe. Below […]

How to Fix Metabolism After a Yo-Yo Diet

Dieting can cause some damage to your metabolism. A habit of yo-yo dieting can tend to leave your weight going up and down. It may seem like there is no end to it, but there are ways that you can get your metabolism working right again. Let’s check out the tips below. Causes of Yo-Yo […]

Does Coconut Oil and Turmeric Teeth Whitening Really Work? Five Things You Should Know

A great smile has the power to boost your confidence and get compliments. But if you’ve ever tried to brighten those pearly whites, you know it can be a long, sometimes frustrating, process. You can try white strips, which bleach your teeth with harsh chemicals. And if you have sensitive teeth, it may result in […]

What Does a Cardiologist Do at Your First Appointment?

Going to the doctor can be unpleasant, but it is how we learn to care for ourselves. Doctors can help teach us things to make sure we are healthy and thriving. If you are going to the cardiologist for the first time, you may be wondering how that visit will go. Below are some things […]