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Wondering What Start-Stop Technology Is and If It Actually Saves Gas?

Imagine this, you are approaching a red light or see, the dreaded line of backed up traffic on the highway and know that you will be sitting there for a while. Did you know that while you are idling, you are burning gas? The fuel burned depends on the type of car you have, explains […]

These Are The Breaks – Why Your Microwave Keeps Tripping Your Circuit Breaker

Here I was, multi-tasking before heading out for a fun night on the town – vacuuming the carpet, listening to some tunes, and just popped a cup of this morning’s coffee into the microwave when POOF!  Everything stops working, I’ve tripped the breaker again and will surely be late (again).  If only I better understood […]

Entertainment Places in Birmingham, UK

Birmingham is one of those travel destinations with something to offer for practically every kind of tourist. In one bustling location, you get food, art and culture, music and night life, architecture, nature and sports. What seals the whole package is the warm hospitality for which the Brummies are known — and their adorable twang […]

How To Shuffle A Deck Of Cards Like A Magician

If you want to look like an expert magician, knowing how to shuffle a deck of cards should be one of the first tricks at your fingertips. There are pretty impressive ways to shuffle a deck of cards, and this is a trick you can learn easily by following these steps. It might seem a […]

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